Interior Architects from -, 4F Hyoshin Bldg, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, South Korea

We gather urban culture in an architectural bowl for pleasant social consumption

URBANTAINER is an architecture and design firm that creates unique atmospheres and spaces for subculture inhabitation within the city.
Various social actions and behaviors are continuously taking place within the built urban environment.
We seek this social activity and offer it a presence. Our designs are immediately inhabited by events for people to meet, interact, and enjoy.
We give subculture a physical presence within the city.

The urban condition in Asia is a complex vertical system of competition, architecturally and socially.
We at URBANTAINER believe in a horizontal discovery and structuring of the urban environment ;
a social structure where unique communities can form and thrive. It is our philosophy to understand these communities and enhance them.
Design does not only create physical beauty, but has the power to facilitate wellbeing and interaction.

Platoon Kunsthalle, located in Seoul, is built of 28 ISO cargo containers. As icons of a flexible architecture in a globalized culture, the stacked containers form a unique construction that can be rebuilt anywhere else at any time. Within this building is a diverse collection of programmatic elements including resident workspaces, offices, a café/bar, a club, and exhibition spaces. By designing these spaces thoughtfully, the structure facilitates a stronger focus for this institution as an underground culture and arts presence in Seoul.

By using simple infrastructure that exists rampantly in urban Seoul, such as water tanks, shipping containers, and scaffolding, we juxtapose standardization and industry with underground culture. People are then allowed to understand the city like never before. We use urban infrastructure to facilitate meeting and fluid social interaction.

During this process of social design, communication between subculture, the institution, and URBANTAINER is essential. We strive to progressively adhere to the existing subculture conditions in the city while designing architecture for pleasant social consumption.
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URBANTAINER 4F Hyoshin Bldg, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu Headquarters
-, 4F Hyoshin Bldg, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, South Korea

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