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Media from Bozener Str. 6, Hannover, Germany
Jan Hamer is someone who likes to spend his holidays in beautiful buildings: he is an architect by profession, and lives in Hanover. Because he has a nose for good holiday accommodation, he tends to be the first port of call for relatives and friends, then friends of friends and their acquaintances needing help finding it. He is the person they always turn to ask “Do you know anywhere in such and such a place?“

Because he isn’t just an aesthete, but also a pragmatist, in 2007 Jan Hamer decided to go public with his private list of recommendations, and that was the start of the www.urlaubsarchitektur.de. In the beginning there were just 30 properties and now there are more than 500 destinations on the website, mostly in Europe.

Anyone wishing to feature on URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR has to meet certain criteria. The architecture of any apartment, holiday home or hotel must be distinctive, whether the building is old or brand new. The properties don’t have to be particularly luxurious. What is crucial is that they have an air of individuality, an integrated concept, authenticity and the managers’ close involvement with their property.

Presence on www.urlaubsarchitektur.de brings many advantages to property managers: their houses are publicised in a prestigious context. URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR is regularly featured in high-end lifestyle, architecture and travel publications. Clients who frequent www.urlaubsarchitektur.de know what they will find there: holiday accommodation that is at least as attractive as their own home.

Therefore it is a mark of distinction for any house to be listed on urlaubsarchitektur.de.