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Ursus was founded in 2004 as a specialized subcontractor of aluminum plate and bending work for the window and door industry. Over the years, shifted the focus from pure aluminum manufacturing company to a provider of customized solutions for the wider construction industry. On today stands Ursus for sales of over 5 million. Ursus this through 30 experienced, highly trained and motivated employees in a highly streamlined organization, through a well-established engineering department and through intelligent, advanced IT applications. Mission Ursus is fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of aluminum building materials tailored for uitbekleden of openings (windows, doors, gates) and the dressing of complete facades. As a specialized partner of construction professionals offers Ursus not only customized aluminum, but also provides innovative products and applications. All proposed solutions are a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Management Ursus was founded by Jan De Paepe, which from the start had surrounded by a highly experienced team. De Paepe has a degree from the Vlerick Management School in pocket. In 2010, the Board strengthened with Emmanuel Claus, that the position of Managing Director perceives. Claus acquired the degree of Master in Law at the Catholic University of Leuven and studied at the Vlerick Management School. He has a broad management experience in various business sectors. Focus Ursus works exclusively for construction professionals, for window and door manufacturers, for (civil) contractors, architects and design. Besides respecting proper delivery times and flawless execution Ursus think pro-actively with the customer in solving often complex (building) technical problems. The offer is very broad and ranges from simple sheet metal to finish the production of complete façade. Engineering Ursus ensures perfect custom for every order. The service is a simple order input to solutions such as the on-site survey and determine the realization of a 3D design or placement by one of our professional installers. From a unique expertise can Ursus expert advice. The façade elements are supplied with a plan of construction for efficient placement by the customer. Production A CNC-controlled machinery ensures maximum quality and flexibility. Besides traditional machines for sheet operations such as punching, bending, cutting, milling, bending and welding Ursus has its own powder coating permanently with more than 200 references in stock powder. The bonding of sandwich panels and doors done in house. Besides complete façade provides Ursus also loose finishing plates, whether or not processed. There is a large stock of sheet materials available and there may be for a variety of operations / finishes be ensured. Partnerships To very specific questions to respond, Ursus has several strategic alliances concluded with specialists. for aluminum window sills cooperation with the German and Dutch Secubar RBB. for gate openings and aluminum facades in a special, uniform structure CAAN architects make their expertise available. for mounting / suspension of aluminum wall hoods and fascias are special systems Dani'Alu used. for fall protection, we work with the Dutch Secubar.
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