VAHALLAN was established in 1997 after the owner, Dan Nelson, attempted to repair a section of damaged wallpaper in his own home. Once he realized a simple repair option didn’t exist, he became inspired to create a much more artistic wall covering alternative that would be applied to the wall in smaller “panels”. He envisioned that smaller decorative panels would not only create more beautiful walls, it would also improve the reparability of any paper damage. Through years of hard work, perseverance and constant innovation, Dan and the Vahallan team continues to build on VAHALLAN’s strong reputation for creating some of the finest decorative wall coverings in the industry. Even though the company has grown dramatically over the years, the basic principles of VAHALLAN remain ingrained in the foundation of the business. Our drive to stay at the forefront of the wall covering industry fuels our passion, creativity and innovation. Our entire staff of artisans constantly strive to produce the most beautiful designs available on the market. Our commitment to hand-painting each and every one of our patterns will continue to inspire elegant, one-of-a-kind room designs and further solidify the success of VAHALLAN for years to come. We invite you to take a look at our wide variety of wall covering patterns and colors in our “Products” section of the website. Also take a moment to view our many beautiful finished room photos in our “Gallery” section. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Vahallan Product
Terrene Vahallan
The chaotic wonder of a geode's center spreads outward creatinga full landscape. Dark craters and hills mingle with shining metallic valleys for aterr...
Vahallan Offices
Vahallan n/a
1725 S 6th St, Lincoln, NE, USA
Inner Walls and Ceilings Brands
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