Bathroom taps. Created by you. Enabled by us. 

Inspired by bathroom experts from the UK and produced in collaboration with a network of Italian manufacturers, Varied Forms aim is to help you create taps and showers unlike any other. 

Our products allow you to create faucets that are unique to each project, and each customer – not by offering one-off bespoke pieces, but instead by offering a series of highly engineered tap ‘platforms’ and an ever-expanding selection of design components that can be plugged onto them. 

Bespoke products without bespoke prices and delivery times. 

Whether at the start, or in the future, our taps can continue to be reconfigured once installed - ensuring they can always be unique, on trend and in perfect condition without the environmental impact of needing to change an entire product.

Jump to our website to play with our configurator and explore your options or reach out to our dedicated team of consultants to help you put your designs together, as well as source any products outside of our standard range.

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