vehovar and jauslin architektur
Mensur Zulji
vehovar and jauslin architektur

vehovar and jauslin architektur

Architects from Lessingstrasse 9, Zürich, Switzerland

Vehovar & Jauslin Architektur want to suprise and inspire.

So we look for the emotional and out-of-the-ordinary in every contract, no matter whether it’s an underpass or the planning of an entire city district. Our understanding of architecture is holistic: it doesn’t end with the object in question. Surrounding spaces, the history of the place and its relation to the neighbourhood are part of the whole and therefore part of our concept.

This is why we work not only with structural engineers and facility managers, but have been known to draw on neuroscientists and artist as well whenever appropriate. It is with this spirit – and the support of courageous clients – that we create truly new and unique structures.

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Lessingstrasse 9, Zürich, Switzerland