Vered Kadouri is a Tel-Aviv based architect and interior designer specialising in the residential and hospitality sectors. With an MA. Architecture from TU Delft University in the Netherlands, Kadouri honed her skills at prominent firm KdV in Eindhoven before returning to Israel where she launched her eponymous practice in 2005. Over nearly two decades in the industry, Kadouri has worked on a multitude of projects internationally, establishing a name for herself both in Israel and Europe.

With a vision to creating built environmentswhere health and wellbeing is paramount, Vered’s work is characterised by simple, minimal forms that harmonise with texture and light to become peaceful places. Her propensity for restrained colour and honest materials translates into quietly composed spaces that are both sophisticated and responsive to the practicalities of everyday life. Equally, her refined architectural language is finely-tuned to the intangible qualities that give physical spaces atmosphere and ambiance. It’s a holistic approach that balances aesthetics with context to deliver designs with humility, purpose and beauty.


Her philosophy — to create coveted calm as an antidote to today’s fast-paced world — inspires the use of pared-back silhouettes and muted palettes. A contemporary sensibility combined with a respect for tradition, it’s a sentiment that eschews trends in favour of finely crafted work that stands the test of time.

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