VIB Architecture | ballus & vialet
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VIB Architecture | ballus & vialet

VIB Architecture | ballus & vialet

Architects from 8 rue Henner, Paris, France
The Paris based multicultural team comprises around twenty architects. Depending on project programs and complexity, they can expand their design team with specialists and partners with expertise in landscaping, engineering, economy, and acoustic or scenography – that fit their creative and sustainable way of design.

Over the years, vib architecture has acquired serious experience in the design and build of multiple projects, including offices, residential, research centers, educational or cultural facilities throughout France, in places like Paris, Versailles, Toulouse, Caen, Bordeaux or Strasbourg….

The office first appeared on the international radar in 2005 when awarded the “Prix de la 1ere oeuvre” by the Moniteur, for a Brain Imagery research center built in Caen and when they received significant attention from the architectural press.
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VIB Architecture | ballus & vialet Paris Headquarters
+33 (1) 48009210
8 rue Henner, Paris, France

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