Architecture office established in 1996 by Héctor Vigliecca and Luciene Quel with a vast production of projects that include social housing, sports arenas, and cultural, educational and institutional facilities of great complexity as well as great urban interventions. Recognized for its expertise in urbanism and interventions in critical areas. Stand out for constantly updating the debate in Brazilian architecture and demonstrating an alternative way of dealing with public projects. Always approaching architecture beyond the object, considering architecture to be the process through which a city is built. Considered unique in its way of raising questions and solutions for each theme, avoiding pre-conceived models, and also by the way in which it deals with existing conditions, respecting and acknowledging the surroundings and pre-existing human experiences. Known for its extensive participation in national and international public competitions which has already resulted in 48 prizes and has inspired the book “Hypothesis on Reality” (2013), which is a collection of these competition projects. With teams in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in addition to collaborators in many regions of Brazil, there is no restriction to a single architectural movement, which contributes to an innovative work of unique identity. Amongst its main projects are Parque Novo Santo Amaro V (SP), Renova SP/Morro do S4 (SP), Morar Carioca/Morro dos Macacos (RJ), Consortiated Urban Operation Mooca-Vila Carioca (SP) and the upgrade of the Castelão Arena (CE), stage of the 2014 World Cup and the first LEED Certified stadium in Latin America. Vastly awarded, winner of the international bidding competition to develop the urban plan and architecture projects for the Deodoro Complex, one of the main Venues for the 2016 Rio Olympics, with more than 1 million square meters. Amongst international achievements are the “Honorable Mention” for the Grand Egyptian Museum and finalist for the National Mexico Library competition, both in 2003, in addition to his nomination to the Mies van der Rohe Prize (1998), one of the most vastly recognized architecture prizes in the world, and to the Mies Crown Hall American Prize (2014).
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