Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Architects from Paris, France
In 2000, Vincent Callebaut, 23 years old, graduated with the Great Architecture Prize René Serrure awarding the best diploma project at the Institute Victor Horta in Brussels for its Parisian project « Metamuseum of Arts and Civilisations » Quay Branly.

Then, thanks to the bursary Leonardo da Vinci attributed by the European Community, he decided to live in Paris to extend its critical thinking and its spatial inventiveness during two years of internship in agencies that fascinate him (Odile Decq Benoit Cornette Architectes Urbanistes, Massimiliano Fuksas).

In 2001, he competed in box and won the Grand Architecture Prize Napoléon Godecharle of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts of Brussels awarding the best hope of the Belgian architecture with its ecological project « Elasticity, an aquatic city of 50 000 inhabitants entirely autonomous». The jury appreciated at the same time « his dynamism, his expression force and the coherence of his concept » and recognised « a personality endowed with a remarkable aptitude giving well-founded expectations of great success and able thus to contribute to the fact that reputation of Belgium becomes a truth ».

In 2005, he was the finalist of the RE-New Architecture Pleasures awarding the 12 best figures of the Architecture in the French Community of Belgium. During the same year, the Edition Company Damdi of Seoul dedicated him at the age of 28 its first architecture monograph detailing the story of its awarded and exhibited projects during worldwide spontaneous proposals and international competitions.

In 2008, he publishes his second monograph “Archibiotic” in Chinese with the support of the United Asia Art & Design Cooperation at Beijing. He is confirmed as one of the most important leader in green architecture and low emission living. From New York to Hong Kong crossing Brussels and Paris, Vincent Callebaut proposes with determination and conviction prospective and ecological projects by insufflating locally dialogs and meetings that try to raise our questionings on the society in which we live as citizen of a global world! Since, in the framework of architecturalhis firm and great collaborations (Jakob+MacFarlane, Claude Vasconi, Jacques Rougerie), he militates continuously for the sustainable development of the new Ecopolis via «parasitical» strategies for an investigation architecture mixing biology to information and communication technologies

In 2009, the main sustainable projects of Vincent Callebaut are exhibited at the World Expo at Shanghai in 7 pavilions to illustrate the future of Ecopolis of tomorrow.

In 2010, Vincent Callebaut Architectures SARL is the first prize winner for the design and construction of a luxurious residential tower at the bottom of the Taipei 101 Tower in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan.