VIVA (Emilceramica Group)
VIVA (Emilceramica Group)

VIVA (Emilceramica Group)

Manufacturers from Via Ghiarola Nuova, 29, Fiorano Modenese, Italy
Viva is an Italian company founded in 1985 with the aim of offering ceramic products featuring an original look and of anticipating trends in a constantly changing world.

By focussing on design and decoration, within a few years Viva earned important tokens of recognition, becoming a reference point for many specialised operators, so much so that it was chosen twice running by ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) as a candidate for the Golden Compass, the most authoritative design award in the world. This was a unique case in the world of ceramics.

Aware that it could achieve a greater capacity to compete on the market only as part of a large group, in 2007 Viva joined the Emilceramica Group.

Flair and the future
As a brand, Viva has now strengthened its original and innovative identity, enhancing its capacity to express the values that it has always upheld and enriched with everything that a large-scale activity can offer: higher quality and production capacity, in addition to excellent services for its customers.

People who choose Viva do not simply choose top-quality products. They also prefer environments featuring exclusive architectural design and able to interpret forward-looking contemporary taste.
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