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Architects from 2150 COLQUITT STREET, HOUSTON, United States
Catherine manages construction.
Michael handles architecture.
We work together on interior design.

Catherine is a native Houstonian and a graduate of the University of Texas - Austin, with a degree in interior design. After working with decorative clients for years, she ultimately cultivated an interest in construction. She has an innate ability to manage the larger aspects of a project while also keeping an unwavering eye on the details.

Catherine has remodeled many older houses - both for clients and her personal homes - and is an excellent resource when issues inevitably arise on job sites. She has a deep respect for architectural history and has a knack for negotiating a harmonious balance between old and new. Her firm Viviano Design and Construction assisted happy clients over the last ten years in River Oaks, Southampton, West University and Memorial.

With the completion of her own residence in Upper Kirby, designed by her son Michael, Catherine successfully applied her efforts to new construction. She maintains a rigorous schedule and an immaculate job site. Her relationships with respected subcontractors, vendors, installers and finishers are an immense asset to our clients.

Catherine is currently managing extensive renovations in a single family home and a high-rise interior, both in River Oaks. She is slated to break ground on a new residence by a friend and notable Houston architect in early 2018 and another new construction project to follow, which is currently in the schematic design phase with Michael.

Michael has a Master of Architecture from the University of Houston, where he was a Teaching Assistant in Architectural History survey courses, as well as in the History of Modern Architecture. He is also a graduate of Washington and Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Spanish. At W&L, he was awarded the Doyon Prize for Art Historical Writing. He gained valuable experience through his work with highly regarded Houston firms Robertson Design and Logan and Johnson Architecture. Prior to and throughout graduate school, Michael also assisted his mother Catherine in her Viviano Design and Construction projects.

The Colquitt residence for his parents marked Michael's first major architecture project on his own. The house has been well-received by local, national, and international press. In the past year, Michael has completed the design for an extensive interior high-rise remodel in River Oaks and has engaged with an interior design client in Dallas. He recently also began schematic design with a new client for a single-family home in Houston.

Michael has a sharp eye and a thoughtful process. His design training has bent toward the contemporary, but he is never unmindful of history and remains dedicated to the pursuit of timeless solutions. His exposure to art and interior decor bolsters his ability to create elegant backdrops for our clients' lifestyles.
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