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Architects from n/a, Mexico City, Mexico
We are an office specializing in architectural projects, interior architecture and furniture design. Weber Arquitectos: Fernando Weber, architect and founder of the firm in 2002, and Anina Schulte-Trux, interior architect who joined the office in 2004 to provide a different dynamic.

We solve specific problems with a seal of our own, and with attachment to the needs and desires of the customers. Among our projects there are residential, offices and public spaces.

Balance and Sobriety

Our work seeks the balance between integration with nature and the feeling of privacy.
We are a young office. We take on challenges and offer answers in which the protagonists are the people and the atmospheres that they inhabit. In Weber Arquitectos we enjoy the complete process: from the design stage to the construction, supervision and realization of architecture, interior design and furniture.

The challenges

We like to think that every new project is a total unknown. We feel fresh in the face of challenges. This allows us to offer our clients options and novelties according to the parameters set at the beginning of each project.

The work of our office highlights the finding of local materials and their use in the works. We like warm environments, both in the interior design of homes as in offices and corporations; In the commissions we receive, the budget has not been an obstacle to doing something imaginative and audacious.

The future

"The best project is the one on the way." This phrase guides our proposals and expresses how we perceive the present and the future.

We recognize that problems and situations are always different because of the challenges they pose. That has allowed us not to identify our work with a certain style and start now with our own projects: real estate developments. We know that there is potential for growth. And growing is also our vocation.

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