We design space and operations Workspace is a multi-disciplinary design agency that was established in 2006. We are pioneers in design thinking, and we influence the way people work, their surroundings, and the places they visit for business and pleasure. Through business design and participatory interior design, we merge the analogue and digital worlds into one entity that generates value. Workspace was established to fulfil the need to develop future working environments. We introduced a new perspective on design by placing the user at the centre of design and making space an integral part of the change in operations. Over the years, our work has expanded from offices to miscellaneous service environments. We create concepts of space and operations that improve the user experience and enhance the brand in public spaces. With space design, we promote the achievement of strategic-level objectives and cultural change within a company. We believe that modernisation should be approached from multiple angles with a focus on the everyday life of the users. This is why we are happy to employ specialists in various fields, from business development to service design. We get excited about new developments and our aim is to challenge our customers’ ideas.
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Workspace Oy
Helsinki / Finland Konepajankuja 1, 4. floor 00510 Helsinki, Finland