WOWOWA Architecture

WOWOWA Architecture

Architects from 420 Rathdowne St, Carlton North Victoria 3054, Australia
WOWOWA Architecture is passionate about creating meaningful, contemporary, idea based civic spaces that are socially useful and publicly generous. Our projects champion context and demand that architecture have big ideas, which may be deeply personal, but are always cultural.

We celebrate Australian culture, the kitsch and a love of daffy colloquialisms translated into architectural ambition

Our civic work advocates for architecture itself with an interest in how alternative methods of procurement can lead to the formation of unexpected relationships with a wider community. Teaching at Monash University and RMIT enables us to inspire others to see that architecture should have a sense of humour and the potential to shape cities.
Our Projects
Our Offices
Wowowa Architecture Headquarters
420 Rathdowne St, Carlton North Victoria 3054, Australia

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