Wrought Iron Renovators
Wrought Iron Renovators

Wrought Iron Renovators

Manufacturers from N/A, N/A, Australia
Wrought Iron Renovators, Melbourne specialise in the Re-powder coating and repair of all pre-existing Wrought Iron and steel products as well as the Re-meshing of existing Security Doors.
We Re-Powdercoat and repair all pre-existing Wrought Iron and Steel products including Security Doors, Fence Panels, Window Grilles, Gates and Balustrades.
We Re-mesh Security Doors On-site in Melbourne with the following selection of Mesh:
Light Aluminium Mesh
Tough Aluminium Mesh
Vision Mesh
Heavy Duty Galvanised Mesh
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Mesh
Melbourne based Wrought Iron Renovators offer an alternative solution to replacing worn and damaged Security Doors and other Wrought Iron Security Products.
We focus on promoting Sustainable Security, while considering environmental factors within our industry in Melbourne, reducing waste where possible and promoting restoration, salvaging and repairing existing Security products.
Minimizing waste and using less material whilst focusing on the importance of Quality Security products is a priority second to none in the eyes of our Melbourne team.
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