XPACE architektur + städtebau
XPACE architektur + städtebau

XPACE architektur + städtebau

Architects from n/a, Zurich, Switzerland
XPACE are based in Zurich, Switzerland.
We are an international practice dedicated to contemporary architectural and urban design.
Working on a broad variety of subjects, XPACE encourages collaboration between clients, colleagues and advisors of building technologies, material research, cost managers, artists and other specialists to form a composed team for a common intelligence of space production.
In each of their projects, XPACE seek to merge cultural, technical and esthetical influences into a responsive beautiful whole.
The body of works stresses a claim on diversity and sustainability.

XPACE practice was formally established in 2005 by Maud Cassaignau and Markus Jung and has participated in numerous national and international competitions, winning prizes and honourable mentions.

Previously, the two partners have practiced for several years in renowned architectural firms on high profile projects in New York, London and Zurich.
Both partners regularly give lectures, workshops and teach at architectural schools and institutions in Switzerland and abroad.
Their current work ranges from a multi storey housing with an art gallery currently on site in Zurich, over the transformation of a medieval tower to a family’s holiday retreat on Corsica and ongoing urban design research on the city of Zurich.
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