YERce Architecture
YERce Architecture

YERce Architecture

Architects from Kamer Hatun Mh. Catikkas Sk. 16/2, Istanbul, Turkey
Architecture, interior architecture project services, consulting services, implementations and control has been being done.

Every project has its own special conditions. These special conditions also form the context and develop an innovational approach that will construct a value with the interpretation of the context. They construct the place in accordance with the time and age, in other words it is the YERCE version of the place.

The approach is to follow a flexible and free architectural language that has density and not superficial. In this context, the ‘collaboration’ and the ‘unified language’ are important. It is to make the process to turn into a design with the components such as collaboration, actors, universal values and context instead projecting a new design from the beginning, to emerge a new order along all these components.

It is to re-think and unite the components, the relations between them, the portions of them and the way they unite and their interfaces. Indeed, it is a bit like cooking, sometimes Italian pasta, sometimes a raisin pie… but meanwhile keeping the question in mind; “would nut bread or cookies be better?”
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YERce Architecture Istanbul Headquarters
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Kamer Hatun Mh. Catikkas Sk. 16/2, Istanbul, Turkey

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