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Projekt • By i2a Architects StudioGehäuse


Die Red Wall Residence ist ein wunderbares Beispiel dafür, wie sich moderne Architektur harmonisch in die tropische Umgebung einfügen kann. Das Designteam konzentrierte sich darauf, die Reinheit der Form durch die Verwendung von rationalistischen Merkmalen wie linearen Flächen, Volumina und kräftigen Farben hervorzuheben, wodurch visuelle Eindrücke und Räume entstehen, die sich in die natürlichen Gegebenheiten integrieren. Das Team entschied sich für eine rot getönte Materialpalette, bestehend aus rotem Stein, der aus Agra importiert wurde, damit sich das Gebäude von seinem grünen Hintergrund abhebt. Dieses massive, ins Auge fallende Meisterwerk in rötlicher Farbe bringt das Geb&au... Mehr

Produkt • By Komokkapszula d390

kapszula d390

The Kapszula d390 is a pendant lamp made from a ⌀95 mm glass bulb and a powder coated steel shade that is sitting on top of the bulb. The award-winning design is about simplicity in both appearance and structure: the shade is kept in place by the bulb and the cable itself without any extra fittings. It uses the minimum to create a functional pendant that decorates your interior space. Mehr

Produkt • By Komokkapszula d95

kapszula d95

The Kapszula is a pendant lamp made from a ⌀95 mm glass bulb and a powder coated steel shade that is sitting on top of the bulb. The Big SEE award-winning design is about simplicity in both appearance and structure: the shade is kept in place by the bulb and the cable itself without any extra fittings. It uses the minimum to create a functional pendant that decorates your interior space. Mehr

Projekt • By Perelopes ArquiteturaPrivathäuser

Casa Amarelinho

For this project, clients needed a house that conveyed modernity and warmth. Therefore, we sought geometric inspiration in contemporary Brazilian architecture, which loves straighter lines and overlapping volumes”, architect Renato Perelopes says. “For the cozy feeling, we were inspired by the traditional backyards of our architecture. Always very shady, with vegetation, plenty of shade, light. Always places that in our memory bring us a feeling of home.” However, Amarelinho House also became a house of principles where the design should rather focus on local responsiveness than trends. “Architecture of the region, in my view, suffers a great mischaracterization. People seek to copy facades seen on the Internet, with... Mehr

Produkt • By FluxwerxLines Onwall

Lines Onwall

An optimal balance of diminutive design and performance, without compromise. Lines Onwall provides design flexibility through the ability to illuminate in a discreet and singular fashion, or seamlessly connect to Lines Suspended. Lines gives you unprecedented design flexibility Minimalist and minuscule at only 3” high and less than a finger-width wide, Lines Onwall is available in two forms – discrete and continuous. Lines Onwall discrete is available in 1’, 2’ 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths, and Lines Onwall continuous is available in continuous runs containing 2’, 3’. 4’, 6’, and 8’, lengths.  With four high-performance distributions; direct 100, indirect 100, and indi... Mehr

Produkt • By FluxwerxView Mini - diminutive linear suspended luminaire

View Mini - diminutive linear suspended luminaire

View Mini is a re-scaled expression of the original View suspended luminaire featuring a diminutive profile while maintaining the performance, efficiency, experience, and comfort of the original. Appearing like a floating fenestration that remains transparent even when illuminated, View Mini’s optical technology provides precisely controlled distributions with no view of the source. These distributions have two available direct/indirect options, 70 Up | 30 Dn and 20 Up | 80 Dn, and deliver both exceptional visual comfort and wide on-center spacing, up to 15 ft on center, delivering 35 fc at 0.4 W/ft2. Caption Designed to integrate into the built environment, View Mini blends seamlessly with architecture with a variety of endcaps... Mehr

Projekt • By BOIFFILS ArchitecturesFlughäfen

Changi Airport terminal 2

Als wir mit dem Entwurf für die Renovierung und Erweiterung des Terminals 2 des Flughafens Changi begannen, wollten wir ein multisensorisches Erlebnis schaffen, das Frieden, Ruhe und Freude hervorruft. Changi Airport Changi Airport Wir wollten, dass diese Architektur eine Quelle der Emotionen ist, eine Aufforderung an die Sinne zum Wohlbefinden, durch die Verbindung mit der Natur. Changi Airport Als Liebhaber der wilden Natur und der Gärten haben wir uns von allen Formen inspirieren lassen, die wir dort finden: von der Vegetation, der Topografie, der Geologie, den Mineralien und ihren Texturen, den Teichen, den Bächen, den Strömungen, den Wasserspiegelungen. All das treibt uns an, Räume und Formen z... Mehr

Projekt • By JSTUDIOGeschäfte


A Furniture Showroom with an office for employees to work while aiding walk-in clients in furntire that they are exhibiting  Caption Mehr

Projekt • By FluxwerxGemeindezentren


Having undergone a complete transformation in 2019, Jean-Drapeau Park was reimagined by architects Lemay landscape work and Éclairage Public’s strategic and beautiful use of Fluxwerx and Lumenpulse luminaires, bringing one of the city’s premier parks into the 21st century. Stéphane Brügger, David Boyer With the goal to minimize the visual impact of the lighting fixtures in the space, the Fluxwerx View suspended luminaires were selected due to their innovative LED design with no direct or indirect view of the light source when on. To help address multiple layers of public safety concerns, environmental protection, ease of operation, and aesthetic attraction, Éclairage Public design team specified t... Mehr

Projekt • By FluxwerxBibliotheken

Christa McAuliffe Library

Nestled in Framingham’s suburban Nobscot neighbourhood is a spectacular new library that is drawing visitors of all ages. The 17,000 square foot Christa McAuliffe Library officially opened on May 15, 2016 and now holds over 65,000 books. The library is triple the size of the former branch library, with six times as many public computer stations. Damianos Photography Proper lighting is crucial to the overall success of a library. Sladen Feinstein lighting design team specified Fluxwerx’s Profile LED luminaires to create a glare-free and visually comfortable reading and study environment. The small aperture and high output of Profile fixtures made them a design-conscious and efficient choice. Suspended 25 feet from the ceili... Mehr

Projekt • By Studio UNLTDRestaurants


Das in Los Angeles ansässige Studio UNLTD stellt das Restaurant Saizon vor, ein Designprojekt, das die Innenräume, die Beleuchtung, die Fassade und den Innenhof eines 5.300 Quadratmeter großen Innenrestaurants mit 805 Quadratmetern Außengastronomie in einem freistehenden Gebäude als Teil eines neuen gemischt genutzten Gebäudes in Fresno, Kalifornien, umfasst.  Mit dem Entwurf für das Saizon erforscht das Studio UNLTD die Spannung zwischen den gegensätzlichen Qualitäten von Dauerhaftigkeit, die durch die architektonische Struktur repräsentiert wird, und Fluidität, die durch das ständige Auf und Ab des Ozeans symbolisiert wird.  Stark verputzte Säulen und Balken, die... Mehr

Projekt • By Articolo StudiosPrivathäuser

Milsons Point

"Located directly above Sydney’s iconic Luna Park, Milsons Point by Studio Georgeharnesses the qualities of its pristine harbourside location and elevates the unique ambience that emanates from the foreshore beyond. The eloquent response is a sophisticated and refined design that effortlessly complements its surroundings. Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler Renewed and reinvigorated, Milsons Point is an exercise in refined, responsive design." Words by Aimee O’Keefe via The Local Project. Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler Dave Wheeler Mehr



The CHOC house, a four-story house previously designed in a rustic style and plagued by numerous infrastructure issues, underwent a comprehensive redesign and renovation process. Karin Ravenna This extensive renovation project breathed new life into the home, removing old interior partitions and a harmonious blend of straight lines and soft, round details.  Karin Ravenna The result is a minimalistic and modern space, drenched in monochromatic grays and chocolate hues with subtle hints of orange and pink.  Karin Ravenna Natural, exposed materials such as stone, wood, stainless steel, brass, and glass contribute to its unique character. Karin Ravenna The Entrance & Lower Levels:  The entrance level... Mehr

Projekt • By Openbox ArchitectsWohnungen

Life Ladprao Valley

High-rise 44 stories condominium locating opposite of Central Ladprao. The ‘Hype Valley’ concept creates the unique appearance and offers new adventurous experiences of living, through the signature pool and up to 15 lifestyle facilities. The heart of the main building is the facility area on the top level and the entrance podium which we were responsible for. Panoramic Studio Panoramic Studio To create the first impression of going through the valley, the entrance feature wall is carved into a dynamic curve wall, mimicking the curvature and layering of the natural cave, along with the use of copper color which contrast with the color of the exterior façade. Similar idea is applied to the design of the Sale Gal... Mehr

Projekt • By Gokhan ErdoganPrivathäuser

Private Villa Hause

Villa Gülener House.Area: 751 m2.Year : 2023 / 2023.Gokhan ERDOĞAN ARCHITECTS is highly respected as an architectural firm that prioritizes excellence and sustainability in its projects. Their approach is characterized by collaboration and integration of various expertise, resulting in innovative designs that blend harmoniously with the natural environment. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Mehr