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Projekt • By MUN ArchitectsBüros

Baksters Office

MUN Architects transforms a 4 story shophouse into a tech office.Located in the middle of the hectic city of Bangkok, Thailand. The typical low ceiling shophouse building has been reprogrammed and refurbished for Baksters. Started by emptying the building, removing some unwanted floor slabs, and keeping the original reinforced concrete post and beam structure. The timber walls are introduced as a buffer from the brick walls being used in the whole alley to create a sense of being enclosed by natural material. Soopakorn Srisakul The sequence of going into the building has been reorganized.The first floor is the main dining area for staff. It can also be used for parties or events. at the mezzanine floor, a meeting room and desks are li... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 21 Okt. 2021

Benthem Crouwel Architects add color to reveal original materials of seventeenth-century Amsterdam canal house

The national heritage weaver’s house on the Vijzelgracht is one out of roughly eighty weaver’s houses that have survived. Benthem Crouwel Architects restored and renovated the canal house into a contemporary home, while preserving the original layout. The design reveals as much of the original material as possible. Jannes Linders The architects applied a bright color palette to enhance the variety in materials and spaces. The colors range from dark tones in the lower floor, to bright tones in the attic. The design combines careful new detailing with original seventeenth-century elements. Jannes Linders Most of the building was renovated and some elements were removed and added. A storage structure in the rear made wa... Mehr

Projekt • By Jump & FlyHotels

Dolce Sitges

The brief comprised converting three contiguous rooms into a single room so that it could be used for large office meeting events or weddings while maintaining the option of using them separately. The fixed partitions that separated the central room from the adjacent rooms needed to be replaced by mobile phones that could allow their movement, while maintaining the current capacity if the Hotel required it.  Jump & Fly The appearance of the rooms is simple as the design do not want to distract the users of the event that going to take place. The aim was to design a naked box that the companies or wedding couples could dress up according to their needs, spicing the room up with their branding and display.  Jump & F... Mehr

Projekt • By Proctor & ShawWohnungen

Marylebone Apartment

Das im Süden Londons ansässige Architekturbüro Proctor & Shaw hat die komplette Innenrenovierung eines Apartments in einem historischen Wohnblock in Marylebone, London, abgeschlossen. Die anspruchsvolle Aufgabe bestand darin, die ineffiziente Aufteilung mit nur einem Schlafzimmer und einem Badezimmer zu ändern und zwei Doppelschlafzimmer mit jeweils eigenem Bad sowie eine großzügige offene Küche, einen Ess- und einen Wohnbereich einzurichten. Ståle Eriksen "Das oberste Stockwerk des bestehenden Gebäudes war nach Bombenschäden während des Krieges wieder aufgebaut worden", erklärt Architekt Mike Shaw, "was bedeutete, dass die vorhandene überspannende Betonstruktur ei... Mehr

Projekt • By BWM Architekten und PartnerBars

Hotel am Konzerthaus

The stage is set for the remodelled Hotel am Konzerthaus – “Backstage on stage” is its apt mottoThe Hotel am Konzerthaus in Vienna is located in the immediate vicinity of such cultural institutions as the Akademietheater, Konzerthaus and Musikverein. This exclusive location provided the inspiration for the new design concept of the restaurant and lobby. With its decidedly theatrical flair, this extraordinary hotel concept was developed under the fitting motto of “Backstage on stage”. ©BWMArchitekten_ChristophPanzer Looking beyond the newly designed roof projecting over the entrance, visitors already feel the lure of the hotel’s enticing new interior. The first thing they notice when entering th... Mehr

Projekt • By AnyColorPrimarschulen

Innovative school labs

When we first got invited to design an innovative STEM center in Shumen, Bulgaria, we were pleased to work with a young team of teachers and professionals, who helped us set the program. Happily, their views and needs matched with our approach and together we were able to establish a design proposal with which we applied for state funding and subsequently the school won the finances needed for the realization. Teachers wanted to have the proper facilities to prepare children for the professions of the future, like environmentalist, computer specialist, robotics engineer and others in the STEM field. To answer their requirements, we proposed that each of the laboratories of the refurbished center has its distinctive feature in a specifi... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 7 Juni 2021

KAAN Architecten renovates 60s Amsterdam office building with sleek new exterior

Inspired by Donald Judd’s abstract art, KAAN Architecten renovated 60s office building the Walvis into a sleek new office building with a strong horizontal emphasis. The solid dark bands are on closer inspection light hollow metal constructions. © Sebastian van Damme KAAN Architecten stripped the former 10,000 sqm structure, of the rationalist style that emerged in the 50s-60s, down to its bare bones and completely renovated it. The main ingredients for the redesign were lightness, spaciousness, sightlines, functional clarity and an elegant facade. © Sebastian van Damme The recessed bands of triple glazing in combination with the protruding aluminium create an effect of floating floors. The architects added porth... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 2 Juni 2021

Tadao Ando transforms Bourse de Commerce into contemporary art museum by inserting concrete cylinder

Tadao Ando intended to transform the historical Bourse de Commerce, in the heart of Paris, into a museum of contemporary art without interfering with the building. Therefore he opted for a nesting box approach. He inserted a 29-meter-wide cylinder, delimited by a 9-meter-high concrete wall, inside the rotunda of the Bourse. © Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Niney et Marca Architectes, Agence Pierre-Antoine Gatier - Photo Marc Domage The architect tried to remain faithful to the urban symmetrie of the city with the cylindrical concrete volume. He created a composition of concentric circles that opens a dialogue between the old and the new.  © Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Niney et Marca Architectes, Ag... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 24 Mai 2021

Casa Ayora Museum creates chromatic harmony with a material focused renovation

A two-storey building formerly a Dominican convent and then townhouse, the goal of this project by TRAZIA Architects was the restoration and refurbishment of the building for use as a future museum. Milena Villalba A new volume has been added to the main building and in addition to the necessary structural rehabilitation, each wall, floor, ceiling and wall element, was studied and developed independently. The aim was to modify as little as possible of the internal layout, thus focusing on rehabilitation and enhancement of existing. Milena Villalba In particular, hand-painted Art Deco wallpaper heritage was perfectly retained from its original state, a rare occurrence with this type of material. Hydraulic tiles floors in perfect... Mehr

Projekt • By DPG West LondonBars

Munich Cricket Club

We completed the fit-out of Munich Cricket Club's new branch in Victoria, London. We worked with the brand from concept to completion - outlining colours, materials, specifications, and layout of their bar.    For more information on the project, visit our website here.     Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 4 Feb. 2021

SAOTA renovates 19th century farm buildings by stripping away earlier refurbishments

SAOTA renovated a cluster of buildings on a former farm by studying its history and stripping away earlier refurbishments done in the 70’s. The farm consists of a main building, two barns and a former wine store. Adam Letch The buildings were constructed in the usual techniques used by Dutch settlers in the Cape. Walls of poured mud or clay that were cast layer by layer up to 700 millimeters (28 inch). In the main building the original yellowwood beams were restored. The timber floors were rotten and were replaced with poplar planks. Screed floors in the kitchen and dining area were refinished using stone pavers out of the field. Adam Letch Wherever new modern materials were introduced they were carefully selected to match... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 20 Jan. 2021

1900 Coffee brings life back to a historic Kyiv building

Originally constructed in 1911, this former monument of architecture and heritage by Kyiv architect Alyoshin had fallen into disrepair during the 20th century. By the early 2000s, it was being used as a janitor's office. Recognizing the lost heritage of the building, a gradual restoration commenced, culminating in today's 1900 Coffee, a brand who have made preserving the cultural heritage of Kyiv a core value of their company.  Andrei Bezuglov At the beginning of the project, PVA Architects did not know exactly the condition of the existing building walls, which were concealed by layers of drywall. After four weeks of dismantling layers of wall decor and removing rubbish, the original elements of the building began to emerge.&nbs... Mehr

Projekt • By Belsize ArchitectsPrivathäuser

Harmood Street

This project is the full reconfiguration and extension of a small, semi-detached house in Kentish Town that was cramped, badly laid out and badly built. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements. We provided them with additional space, good floor to ceiling heights throughout and the right light. We succeeded in getting permission for large side and rear extensions, with provision to lower the floor in the extension to create more height where possible, as well as open up a small rear patio. Both the extensions were designed to provide maximum light. Part of the loft space was also opened up to give height and space to the main rooms on first floor. Ply is the predominant material used as to clad the walls and st... Mehr

Projekt • By ThirdWay ArchitectureBüros

Settles Street

Existing building is formed of Victoria brick work, with wooden sash windows. Internally it is finished with a raised access metal and timber floor, with exposed services and metal work.   The proposed building follows the same aesthetic internally with raised access metal and timber flooring with and exposed services and structure. The façade is made from translucent and opaque glass panels, with anodized aluminum mullions and spandrel panels to deliver open views to the city as well as considering overlooking issues to the neighbors.   Project Description Settles Street is a refurbishment and large extension to a building of local importance in Whitechapel. A former labor exchange, the building has a unique plan form... Mehr

Projekt • By Salvà Ortín ArquitectesPrivathäuser

TX House

Das ursprüngliche Gebäude, ein Wohnhaus mit einer Garage und einem Innenhof im hinteren Teil, stammt aus dem Jahr 1900. Obwohl es keine aussergewöhnlichen architektonischen Qualitäten aufweist, wird angestrebt, all jene Elemente zu erhalten, die den vom Gebäude vorgeschlagenen Betrieb oder seine Anpassung nicht behindern und gleichzeitig sein Wesen zu bewahren.   Eine der anfänglichen Anforderungen der Bauherren ist die Umwandlung des Erdgeschosses in einen einzigen und riesigen Raum, wobei die ursprüngliche Struktur des Hauses in den ersten beiden Erkern beibehalten, die Fläche des Parkplatzes erweitert und die Treppe in das Obergeschoss verlegt und mit dem Wohn- und Essbereich verbunden werde... Mehr