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Projekt • By Ameller DuboisBüros

Renovation of the Republic Complex

In the southwest of France, facing the Pyrenees Mountain, the “Complexe de la République” built in 1975 in Pau, had been declining for several years due to the dilapidation of its covered market, flanked by a squat office building in very poor condition. After an international competition, the Ameller Dubois’s studio project was chosen by proposing a global response, taking charge of all the ambitions raised by this operation, both in terms of image and use, architecture, and urban planning, dedicated to the Pau’s population. The project's exceptional location has been rediscovered as a destination, attractive and seductive, to bring the district back to life. © Franck BROUILLET Combining in a singl... Mehr

Projekt • By P+S Estudio de ArquitecturaWohnungen

Multiple House

The brief consisted of the renovation of an 1850's apartment located in the historic centre of Madrid, with an area of 45m2. The client's need to generate a new space containing at least one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, enough storage space, and the possibility of some small extra space for different uses -without subdividing the spaces too much-, making the most of the south orientation of the balcony to fill all the rooms with light, posed a major challenge. Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) In this way, the house is conceived as a multiple of itself, seeking to multiply the possibilities of appropriation in a reduced spatial area. In this way, “Multiple House" refers to the necessary uncerta... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 21 Okt. 2021

Benthem Crouwel Architects add color to reveal original materials of seventeenth-century Amsterdam canal house

The national heritage weaver’s house on the Vijzelgracht is one out of roughly eighty weaver’s houses that have survived. Benthem Crouwel Architects restored and renovated the canal house into a contemporary home, while preserving the original layout. The design reveals as much of the original material as possible. Jannes Linders The architects applied a bright color palette to enhance the variety in materials and spaces. The colors range from dark tones in the lower floor, to bright tones in the attic. The design combines careful new detailing with original seventeenth-century elements. Jannes Linders Most of the building was renovated and some elements were removed and added. A storage structure in the rear made wa... Mehr

Projekt • By Studio PrineasPrivathäuser

Allen Key House

Bei diesem Projekt ging es um die Renovierung der Rückseite eines kalifornischen Bungalows aus den 1930er Jahren, der in Sydneys grüner North Shore liegt. Um den bestehenden Bungalow und seine ursprünglichen Merkmale zu erhalten, ist der Anbau über eine kleine Verbindung miteinander verbunden. Diese Verbindung schafft zwei Innenhöfe, die dazu dienen, zusätzliches Licht in das Bad und das Arbeitszimmer zu bringen. Angesichts eines äußerst knappen Budgets stand bei dem Entwurf eine schuppenartige Struktur im Mittelpunkt, die eine einfache Konstruktion gewährleistet. Durch einfache Eingriffe und Manipulationen der Dachform sollte zusätzliches Licht in den renovierten Teil des Hauses gebracht... Mehr

Projekt • By OMADie Einkaufszentren

KaDeWe Berlin

First quadrant of OMA’s KaDeWe Berlin Masterplan revealed Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) belongs to a consolidated tradition of historical European urban department stores such as Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Selfridges in London and La Rinascente in Milan. Historically, these department stores have been some of the pillars of early modern retail, acting as incubators for sophisticated crafts, social exchange and experimentation in services. Photograph by Marco Cappelletti, Courtesy of OMA Since its opening in 1907, the KaDeWe has always been at the forefront of product selection, while also setting new standards for customer services. Its unique size – the biggest department store in continental Europe – makes it ak... Mehr

Projekt • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerMuseen

Inatura Museum

Bruno Klomfar   On a historically significant industrial site, where a hammer mill grew into the most important metal-processing company in Vorarlberg, a natural history museum and city garden was established after the closing down of the company. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar New and additional parts have been added with flair and finesse to the surviving historic buildings, in which the industrial character of the existing buildings was referenced and interpreted in a contemporary manner. Bruno Klomfar The exhibition spaces were designed on several floors. The new constructions can be identified by its cladding of Corten steel plates. The administration buildings protrude from the old facades in the back court. T... Mehr

Projekt • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerBüros

DU Office Flachgasse – Apartments

The former factory of metal objects Grünwald, built in 1907, was first transformed into a designer furniture store by Matthäus Jiszda in 1981. The building was once again restructured to house the offices of the Viennese branch of Dietrich | Untertrifaller. It has also been enhanced by two floors to offer a penthouse and two spacious apartments. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar The alignment recess is due to the load distribution of the cross-laminated beam-to-wall structure. The plan of the apartments adapts to these structural constraints and takes advantage of them: the supports on the central supporting wall and on the existing dividing walls allow clearing free levels as well as large windows on all the west facade of t... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 23 Sept. 2021

Atelier 111 architekti connects two houses in historical center of Czech village to transform into their family home

Atelier 111 architekti connected two houses in the historical center of Kozina and transformed them into one home. The architects see this reconstruction as a favourable alternative to suburban sprawl. Alex Shoots Buildings While only a few steps separated from the shops and services in the town center, the client was attracted to the site as it is hidden from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding traffic.  Alex Shoots Buildings One of the buildings was in a state of disrepair, the other underwent a significant renovation at the turn of the millennium. The architects got rid of unsuitable modern elements, such as a large dormer and plastic windows and even discovered original masonry behind brick backing. Alex Shoots... Mehr

Projekt • By Proctor & ShawWohnungen

Marylebone Apartment

Das im Süden Londons ansässige Architekturbüro Proctor & Shaw hat die komplette Innenrenovierung eines Apartments in einem historischen Wohnblock in Marylebone, London, abgeschlossen. Die anspruchsvolle Aufgabe bestand darin, die ineffiziente Aufteilung mit nur einem Schlafzimmer und einem Badezimmer zu ändern und zwei Doppelschlafzimmer mit jeweils eigenem Bad sowie eine großzügige offene Küche, einen Ess- und einen Wohnbereich einzurichten. Ståle Eriksen "Das oberste Stockwerk des bestehenden Gebäudes war nach Bombenschäden während des Krieges wieder aufgebaut worden", erklärt Architekt Mike Shaw, "was bedeutete, dass die vorhandene überspannende Betonstruktur ei... Mehr

Projekt • By Inglis Badrashi Loddo (IBLA)Privathäuser

Railway workers' cottage renovation

This project involved the modernisation of a traditional railway workers' cottage within the Park Royal regeneration area and next to the new Old Oak Common HS2 station. Built in the 1880's by the London and Northwestern Railway, the house contained the original outside toilet in the back garden, and was in a very poor state of repair. The key challenge was to renovate the house, and bring it up to modern standards, without losing it's particular character as a modest workers' cottage. Brotherton Lock The basic structure of the house was simple, and although it was in a dilapidated condition, it had not been altered. This inherent simplicity, essentially due to its function as a workman's dwelling, meant that we were able to strip i... Mehr

Projekt • By CCHEGeschäfte


This magnificent building in the heart of Lausanne's commercial centre was built in 1912 and has been listed as a note 2 on the inventory of historical monuments since 1975. It is twinned at the opposite corner of the street creating an iconic ensemble on Rue de Bourg. Thomas Jantscher Our intervention is focused on the entrance to Rue Lion d'Or 1 and the three upper levels of the building, which were formerly used for logistics and for the operation of the commercial surface of the emblematic Lausanne brand Annabelle. These were transformed to accommodate quality administrative spaces by strategically incorporating modern facilities while respecting the character of the building as much as possible. Thomas Jantscher The greates... Mehr

Projekt • By BAUMITWohnungen

Erfurt Oil Mill Apartment Building

The multi-family residence combines historical and cultural aspects with the possibility of contemporary living. Clinker bricks were placed on the insulation. The challenge for the craftsmen: The reveals were sheeted and had to be clinkered against the sheeting. Mehr

Projekt • By CCHEGeschäfte

Bourg 8

Originally, the existing building at rue de Bourg 8 consisted of two small 3-storey buildings, joined together in 1637. In 1746, they were raised by one floor and completely repaired. Since the 18th century, the facade on the street, as well as the interior, has undergone numerous modifications on the ground and first floors, in particular the creation of a slab that obstructs the inner courtyard and the creation of 2 shops on the ground floor. Thomas Jantscher The ground floor of the north facade serving the entrances has therefore been totally redesigned with a contemporary material that blends harmoniously with the historic facade preserved on the upper floors. The purified and luminous interior atmosphere brings the preserved an... Mehr

Projekt • By BAUMITErbschaften

Urban Historical Noble

The interplay of the heritage-protected façade shows building designs as well as decorative craftsmanship typical of that era, which is complemented by modern elements. The stucco decorations on the façade were added or replaced to preserve its historical structure. Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 19 Juli 2021

Firm architects transforms unusable attic space into minimal loft

Firm architects transforms a previously unsuitable attic space in Amsterdam into a stylish loft. A few years before, a previous owner raised the roof some fifty centimeters. After that the space was sold as a renovation project. Studio de Nooyer The client desired an "honest, masculine and architectural space" with as much usable area as possible. Firm architects interprets this into the concept of ‘a new elevation on an old basis.’  Studio de Nooyer The entire space exhibits a cut at a height of 95 centimeters above the floor. The height has both a practical and a more poetic reason. On the one hand, it is the height of kitchen cabinets and handrails, and on the other hand, it is the central point of the male b... Mehr