LOTO AD PROJECT is an architectural firm comprising architects, designers and technicians who operate in design, architectural design and interior design thanks to a comprehensive pool of flexible and diverse professionals who are able to meet specific client needs. The company’s work revolves around the legacy of an established principle: What is beautiful and what is ugly? “… It’s all a matter of education. As long as people cannot distinguish between beautiful and ugly, we will not have quality art in our houses… “, extending this concept of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) to architecture, design, finishing materials, furniture and furnishings, LOTO AD PROJECT designs and selects the best products on the design market to improve and innovate the concept of living today. It is a coherent and original work, creating an inimitable style, offering an intangible yield that creates a conjunction between real and virtual products. Through heedful team work, LOTO AD PROJECT’s signature is unmistakable: a mixture of elegance, wit, grace, quality, accurate selection of details and materials, emphasized by an extreme attention to style (never dull or anonymous) and colour, with a range of shades that jjamaze for balance and originality. The skill in the organization and management of the various activities can be traced in the numerous architectural, interior design and design addendums completed since 1999, testifying quality and quantity of the work carried out and documented by the recognition of the architectural market press . Pondering about the world we live in is pivotal to the research work we do in the current period. We discover that colour returns to design architecture and transform spaces and surfaces; rediscover how to be surrounded by nature, with plants and oversized vases, using décor-objects which play with the imagination; keeping in mind the feminine element in creativity and in designing reality; understanding and anticipating “Tomorrow’s advent that will form part of the elements with which we research and uncover connections between elements and generate utopian conditions to express our personal vision of the world and space. This is why LOTO aims to show, via the selection of architectural and design projects, a particular path within which the reconstructed interior looks like a chaotic conception, which , emerging from itself, incorporates the architecture of the dwelling. In this process, the product is absorbed in the interior design’s global vision of architecture to create a global space. It is a constant project mutation that stems from the ‘stato ante operam’ to create a completely new structure generated by architect’s intent. The philosophy that LOTO AD PROJECT has developed creates a network of services the customer can follow from the development of the concept to the delivery of the final product, which includes the selection and supply phase of the architectural materials, from the finishes to the fittings, furniture and household components, leading to some details that influence not only the house but the person too, such as the home clothing, and contemporary jewelry, this idea is all-encompassing and with the turnkey formula . Our team of architecture and interior design experts and specialists, operates in constant contact by transferring their skills and passion from one project to the next. The market expansion and diversification allows LOTO to perfect their offer so as to achieve maximum competitiveness in terms of quality and product genre.
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