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Casa al Mandrione

Borgo Architetti 建築家 として

The renovation intervention involved a 1000 sq. ft. apartment at the attic floor of a building. The high fragmentation of the spaces and the peculiar size of the flat reuqired a radical intervention that radically re - invented the daytime area. This was done by creating an ample living room, seamlessly connected to the outer area, that becomes the natural continuation of the latter.


To do so, we reduced the connecting spaces to the essential while underlining the paths with lighting systems. This new distribution of spaces could satisfied the needs of the client and at the same time ope ned new living spaces and wider and deeper viewing perspectives. The relation between living and sleeping areas is resolved through a wain scoated corridor. This peculiar wainscoating, incorporating the toilet and a wall wardrobe, extends onto the living area and the entrance, where it covers a small technical compartment.


In this way, it serves as a connection element between the two areas and creates the unity that was looked for. This sense of unity is moreover reinforced by the use of fre nch - spine oak parquetery throughout the whole apartment – with the exception of the bathrooms – and with application of different shades of grey in every room. The woodwork project furthermore provided for an optimal distribution of space through a speci fic orgainc language which can be recognized in the living room shelf, in the waincoating and the in bedroom and bathrooms.


The intervention was also an occasion to improve the apartment's energy efficiency, which was motivated by the extension of the su rface and by the presence, above the apartment, of a non heated room. The attention of the clients to environmental aspects allowed the team to scale up the efficency of the apartment from G to A++, with a consquent upgrade of living standard and reduction of expenditures.


To do so we intervened onto the coating and heating system. Firstly, and external and cieling coating were put into place – with the consequent restoration of the original external brick coating – , the windows were replaced and insulatin g counterframes and shutter boxes were added. Secondly, after making the heating system independent from the building's, we created a radiant cieling heating and cooling system fueled by a heat pump which we integrated with solar panels for the producti on of hot water. Finally, a controlled mechanic ventilation system contributes the air renewal and quality, moreover collecting the otherwise dispersed hea

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