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Arjen Veldt

City Store Municipality of Tilburg

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The new City Store of the Municipality of Tilburg is one of the first biobased and circularly transformed offices in the Netherlands. In 2018, the municipality has set high ambitions when it comes to the sustainability of its own housing. This building, which once housed the library and part of the municipal organization, was not Tilburg's most beloved building. 

photo_credit Arjen Veldt
Arjen Veldt

On the site of the library's old entrance is now the new main entrance for the entire complex, both for visitors and staff. The entire first floor with the city store, work restaurant and meeting center is freely accessible to the public. The addition of additional voids, new elevators and stairs make the building open and inviting and ensure that the office floors are in open connection with the public hall. 

photo_credit Arjen Veldt
Arjen Veldt

The Stadswinkel in Tilburg is proof that thinking about circularity no longer needs to be associated with a goat-wool-sock image; here, circularity manifests itself in imaginative new architecture. 

photo_credit Arjen Veldt
Arjen Veldt

In 2018, the municipality of Tilburg set out its ambitions for circularity in the Transition Agenda. Circular building means developing, using and reusing buildings, areas and infrastructure without unnecessarily depleting natural resources, polluting the living environment and affecting ecosystems. Building in a way that makes economic sense and contributes to the well-being of people and animals. Here and there, now and later.

photo_credit Arjen Veldt
Arjen Veldt
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