Sarandi Apartment

Floor lampFlos
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Floor lamp
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Sarandi Apartment

Studio Arthur Casas 建築家 として

This penthouse in a building in São Paulo was designed to meet customer demand for an equally satisfactory space for home office work and for receiving guests.



The project program is distributed over three floors to guarantee clients the best use and enjoyment of spaces: the first floor is the intimate one, which houses the mudroom and three suites, including the master; the second corresponds to the social areas, with a living room integrated with the dining room and the external area; and the third is dedicated to the couple's offices, wine cellar and service areas. The helical staircase, placed next to the suspended cellar with dedicated access, connects the three floors, and was the great challenge of the work on this apartment. For its installation and feasibility, it was necessary to change the structural design of the roof, making new cuts in the slab and adding structural reinforcements.


In order to compose the apartment's palette, more earthy tones were selected for the coatings, through the choice of travertine marble. The difficulty in finding the raw material in the ideal color required extensive research until it was possible to acquire the right batch.The decor is made up of objects and furniture in terracotta and burnt orange tones. A good part of the furniture bears the signature of Arthur Casas, such as the Soft and Jet Set armchairs, by +55design, the Pistão dining table, by Herança Cultural, the Disco stools and Ettore side table, by Studio Objeto, and the Ela sofa, from Etel. In addition to the furniture from Casas, there are pieces from other great designers, such as the glass-topped coffee table by Ricardo Fasanello, the Paulistana armchair and Senior dining chair, by Jorge Zalszupin, the Tião chairs with arm, by Sergio Rodrigues, and the floor lamp by Marcelo Magalhães.

photo_credit Fran Parente
Fran Parente