Transformation Existing Bungalow
Ilco Kemmere

facadeSto AG
StoVentec R
StoTherm Classic
InsulationROCKWOOL International A/S
Rockwool 433 Duo
roof edgeFermacell
Fermacell HD plate
メーカーMeuwissen Gerritsen
sillHolonite B.V.
ventilation grillBuva

Sto AG さんの StoTherm Classic, StoVentec R
ROCKWOOL International A/S さんの Rockwool 433 Duo
roof edge
Fermacell さんの Fermacell HD plate
Meuwissen Gerritsen さんの MIOFOL® 125G
Holonite B.V. さんの
ventilation grill
Buva さんの

Transformation Existing Bungalow

Architectuurstudio Haver 建築家 として

An existing 1962 bungalow was transformed into a modern villa by architect Angelique Haver. To meet today's standards, the exterior of the house was fitted with insulation and white stucco. Encapsulation covers all staggered brickwork, rainwater drains, eaves and blinds. This creates a new image with a modern fresh look.

photo_credit Ilco Kemmere
Ilco Kemmere

The new design is based on two sight lines, which intersect in the living room: the heart of the house. Breakthroughs are made in the house to strengthen the sightlines. It creates more spaciousness in the villa.

photo_credit Ilco Kemmere
Ilco Kemmere

In the east-west direction, the house will be connected to the carport with a canopy, where the new entrance is located. In the north-south direction, the old entrance will be removed and the vacant space will be added to the living room. The adjacent walls will be thickened into cabinet walls and form the new library. The line of sight is emphasised in the front facade by a large window protruding from the facade. 

photo_credit Ilco Kemmere
Ilco Kemmere

The existing window frames are painted in anthracite grey, thus forming part of the glass: an image of a white stuccoed façade with holes is created. It emphasises the original design of the villa: a solid dense façade at the front and a transparent open façade at the back. At the bottom, the façade is provided with a plinth of black bitumen. The plinth is recessed in relation to the plastered facade, suggesting that the house floats in relation to ground level. The new entrance is finished in western red cedar. This material gives a warm accent to the whole.

photo_credit Ilco Kemmere
Ilco Kemmere


Architects: Architectuurstudio Haver

Photographer: Ilco Kemmere

photo_credit Ilco Kemmere
Ilco Kemmere
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