midnight green
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Silvia Cappellari


midnight green als Architecten

Located in the stunning medieval city of Mechelen, this apartment renovation project takes advantage of its extraordinary context. Location, orientation and space have been decisive factors within the development and design process. The studio has been the executioner of every step of the process: development, design and construction. This exceptional combination of roles, and their related responsibilities have helped shape a fundamental basis for the studio’s architectural language. Continual experimentation with  predefined concepts has pushed their limits within this unique venture. Special attention has been given to the vertical elements (doors, walls, etc.) and their influence on the floors, ceilings, the space and their protagonists. The contrast between the collective predefined concepts of these elements and their newly defined form and setup evoke an individual perception capable of subjective appropriation.


Material Used :

1. Translucent walls: 21 mm berk plywood - 16mm translucent polycarbonate - aluminium 14mm rod

2. Doors: 18mm berk plywood - 18mm plywood stucture - waterproof MDF detailing

3. Kitchen: 60x60cm terrazzo tiles, stainless steel finishings.

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