Last update: 07 May 2018

Archello places dedicated cookies to improve the experience of our website. They help with the functionalities of the site and give us insights into the effectiveness and usability. We do not collect data that can be used to track individual user behaviour.

Functional and analytical cookies

These cookies are placed for technical and content optimisation of the site. From these cookies it is not possible to extract personal information like email, phone numbers or surf behaviour. These cookies can not be used for email or telemarketing purposes.

Social, advertisement and other cookies

Advertisement cookies are placed by media companies like Google or Facebook and can be used to offer advertisement. The social media cookies make it possible to share content with friends on social media. You can go to the privacy statement of the respective social media site in order to learn more on how they deal with the collected data.

To control third party cookies you can adjust the use of cookies in your browser settings.

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