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At ISH – Frankfurt am Main – March 14th-18th - Clivet presents its innovations for total and ecological comfort in every application of commercial, industrial and residential sector with 50% energy saving when compared to fossil fuels.

The improvements achieved in terms of building insulation hav

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At ISH – Frankfurt am Main – March 14th-18th - Clivet presents its innovations for total and ecological comfort in every application of commercial, industrial and residential sector with 50% energy saving when compared to fossil fuels.

The improvements achieved in terms of building insulation have substantially reduced building thermal needs, introducing new plant solutions capable to satisfy the new comfort demands and to exploit the renewable energy sources, reducing as much as possible the use of fossil fuels.

For over 25 years Clivet has been offering innovative air conditioning products and solutions. At ISH 2017 - Frankfurt am Main – March 14th-18th, Booth C85 - Hall 10.2 Clivet presents its complete comfort system proposal, one of the widest on the market. Thanks to the strategic alliance with Midea, the leading global manufacturer of consumer appliances and HVAC systems, Clivet has expanded its specialized solutions for high comfort buildings, introducing a wide and comprehensive range of direct expansion units, including the innovative line with R32 refrigerant, and a brand new VRF lineup that will be presented to customers and partners for the first time at ISH.

VRF PROPOSAL Clivet VRF System is a complete system for heating, cooling, air renewal and purification in residential and commercial applications. At ISH the Italian company previews: - The new series of high performance VRF outdoor units with All DC inverter EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressors and enlarged heat exchange area for the maximum efficiency. The units offer a wide application range thanks to the world’s largest capacity single module 32HP / with a combination capacity of 128HP, and piping length up to 1000m, with a wide operation range from -25°C to 50°C – A preview of the new unit will be shown at ISH. - Compact terminal units with DC brushless fan motors for higher efficiency and lower operation noise, as well as extended lifespan. Both models offer compact design to simplify installation and an auxiliary duct option to use the same air conditioner to cool an additional small space nearby. - Cross flow heat recovery ventilation system which grants air quality while saving energy. The unit uses a combination of controls, fans, and heat-recovery elements to recover heat energy from the exhausted air and transfer to the incoming air, cutting down energy consumption and improving comfort. The system is equipped with by-pass damper for free-cooling and free-heating when external air temperature is favourable.

HYDRONIC PROPOSAL REMOTEX Air-cooled liquid chiller in 2 sections, with pre-configured combinations between indoor and outdoor unit (capacity from 240 to 2050 kW), which expands the application possibilities of the conventional packaged products, above all in buildings with plant and design constraints. In case of more units operating in parallel, every unit can be configured in the best way according to the demand requirements. For example, when the hot water requirement is low, only one of the sections can be equipped with heat recovery. Supplied with double refrigeration circuits and multi scroll technology, REMOTEX provides the maximum seasonal efficiency for a 30% saving over traditional solutions. – REMOTEX will be shown for the first time at ISH.

ELFOENERGY MAGNUM ELFOEnergy Magnum is the air to water heat pump from 50 to 375 kW for centralized residential buildings, small and medium commercial and industry. Inverter (for sizes up to 125 kW) and multi-scroll technology (for sizes between 140 and 375 kW) grants very high seasonal efficiency. Hydronic groups, valves and system accessories are integrated into the unit, simplifying the installation. The unit is available in 3 versions: ELFOEnergy Magnum, chiller and reversible heat pump; ELFOEnergy Magnum Multifunction, reversible heat pump with contemporary production of hot and chilled water; ELFOEnergy Magnum Free-cooling for applications which also have a requirement for cooled water during the cold season.

AIR TREATMENT AQX AQX are the new generation of air handling units for small, medium or large surfaces in commercial, civil, business applications, hotels, congress centres, theatres, fitness centres, in new projects and renovations. Available in 32 standard sizes with air flow rate from 500 - 100000 m3/h (140 to 28000 l/s) at transversal air speed of 2,5 m/s, the units are designed to improve energy efficiency and assure relevant savings in Total Life Cycle Cost. AQX are available also for critical applications, such as hospitals, high tech industry, clean rooms, pharmaceutical or food industry, where high hygiene standard are required. The whole range is Eurovent certified.

RESIDENTIAL COMFORT ELFOPACK – AIR SYSTEM ELFOPack is an “all in one” heat pump unit, which covers the needs of heating, cooling, hot water, mechanical ventilation with thermodynamic heat recovery and electronic filtration in NZEB single and multi-family houses with air system. It uses the ducts of the controlled mechanical ventilation for maintaining ambient comfort.

ELFOSYSTEM – HYDRONIC SYSTEM The complete heat pump system which guarantees 360° comfort all year round in single and multi-family houses with hydronic system: heating, cooling, fresh air and purification, hot water production. It allows an average yearly saving in energy consumption of 55% and a reduction in CO2 emissions up to 45%. It increases the energy efficiency class and eliminates CO2 and NOX emissions for clean air in our cities. The elements of the system are: - GAIA, heat pump with inverter DC technology for heating, cooling and hot domestic water production. The unit is available in many versions: GAIA and GAIA L Comfort for single-family houses with medium-low consumption, GAIA Maxi Hybrid and GAIA L Hybrid for high consumption single-family houses, GAIA-i Comfort for medium-low consumption apartment buildings, GAIA-i Hybrid: for high consumption apartment buildings. - ELFOFresh2, the unit for air exchange and purification with thermodynamic recovery and electronic filters (H10) to cool and heat the fresh air with minimum energy consumption. ELFOFresh2 completes itself with ELFOFresh Air, the air distribution system easy to install and configurable on the web, which enhances efficiency and noiselessness of the mechanical ventilation system. - Distribution of hot and cold water through radiant panels, radiators or ELFORoom2 fan coil units (Clivet’s terminals equipped with an exceptional electric motor which drastically reduces electricity consumption compared with a traditional fan coil unit). - ELFOControl2, the comfort control unit with temperature sensors for each room, which allows you to define the operating conditions for the whole plant as far as for each element of the system.

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