Air conditioning

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All About Air Conditioning

In the heat of the summer, a person faces a lot of problems if there is no proper cooling system available. Many regions become extremely hot during summers and to live in a comfortable environment an efficient air conditioning system is a must.

Room air conditioners help in cooling a particular room where these are placed and not the entire space. These are designed in a way to provide good comfort level by maintaining the cool air inside homes and commercial set ups. Its main function is to maintain a cool environment by altering different properties of air.

Air conditioners filter the air which creates a healthy environment indoors. This kind of environment is best for people who are allergic to dust particles. When days are too hot, it is often noticed that a person is not able to work efficiently. An air conditioning system contributes to keeping the environment cool, thereby allowing a person to work at his or her best. Air conditioning also helps in getting better sleep as well by providing a comfortable environment. Often electrical appliances get damaged and meltdown if the temperature rises very high. Making use of air conditioners helps in preventing such type of accidental damage.

Different types of air conditioners available for use are - portable air conditioner, window air conditioner, through the wall air conditioners, ductless mini split air conditioner, packaged terminal air conditioners. Each of these has its own benefits and is ideal to be used in specific places. A window air conditioner is specifically designed to be installed in a window or in a measured wall hole. A portable air conditioner is based on an easy to move model and can be installed within few minutes. A ductless mini split air conditioner provides quiet cooling in different types of settings. Although through the wall air conditioners are very much similar to window air conditioners, they have their own unique feature to offer as well.

The cooling capacity of the AC is badly affected if it is not provided with regular maintenance. One should clean air filters at regular intervals of time. Also, if fur bearing pets are around then the cleaning of air filters becomes even important. It is important to clean the evaporator as well. If one finds the evaporator indoor coil very dirty then it is suggested to make use of a vacuum cleaner or slightly wet cloth to clean it. By keeping the evaporator clean, the cooling capacity of the AC is maintained. With central AC it is required to check ductwork. By checking ductwork, a person can learn whether ducts are airtight or not.

Necessary measures can be taken further if ducts are not found in the right condition. Condenser coils also demand maintenance. As they are present outside the building with almost all types of AC, falling leaves, rainwater, dust particles etc can accumulate. Because of this, a condenser coil finds it really difficult to release the heat.