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Sofas in Sight

by SCP Contracts

Upholstery Rochester Michael Anastassiades A design that grew from an inquisitiveness about how modern behaviour is changing the way we use public furniture, where people are now inclined to be working or engaging with media on personal devices. Rochester creates a comfortable enclosure for the user

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Sofas in Sight
SCP Contracts

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Other - Sofas

Upholstery Rochester Michael Anastassiades A design that grew from an inquisitiveness about how modern behaviour is changing the way we use public furniture, where people are now inclined to be working or engaging with media on personal devices. Rochester creates a comfortable enclosure for the user, a place for a little privacy. The design language is strict and formal, but comfort has also been made a priority. Oak-veneered side and back panels with a solid oak plinth. Made in Norfolk, England. Sofa W 128 × H 96 × D 80 × SH 43 cm. From: £3555 Ottoman W 60 × H 31 × D 60 SH 31 cm. From: £950

Pasha Konstantin Grcic The original Pasha was a designed in the 1990s, but it did not go beyond the prototype stage. This design revisits the idea of the original, which was to create a deep sofa with a particularly reclined sitting position. It is neatly proportioned, firm, comfortable and very tactile, made in a noticeably textured fabric. The design blends strong angular lines and natural curves, creating softness in a formal typology. Oak feet. Made in Norfolk, England. Armchair W 79 × H 77 × D 93 cm. From: £1630 2 seat sofa W 155 × H 77 × D 93 cm. From: £2550

Continuous Faudet-Harrison Taking inspiration from upholstery designs of the 1920s, this sofa is notable for the use of continuous curves and a straight line sewn lengthways down the middle of the piece. The seat is very deep and has a pleasing line detail stitched into it. Natural or grey lacquered oak legs. Made in Norfolk. 2 seat sofa W 166 × H 75 × D 89 SH 43cm. From: £2650 3 seat sofa W 223 × H 75 × D89 × SH 43cm. From: £2690 4 seat sofa W 276 × H 75 × D 89 × SH 43cm. From:£4175

Solstice Matthew Hilton Solstice is a relaxed design that developed from the seed of an idea to create a fully upholstered piece that sits directly on the floor at the back. Subtle piping and seam details on the arms and cushion faces act as a counterpoint to the swooping curve of the design. Bronze plated steel legs. Made in Norfolk, England. Armchair W 94 × H 73 × D 100 × SH 40 cm. From £2670 2 seat sofa W 159 × H 73 × D105 × SH 40 cm. From £3275 3 seat sofa W 222 × H 73 × D 105 × SH 40 cm. From £4090

Tepee Lucy Kurrein A design that reinterprets the sofa typology. It is inspired by the simplicity of the hammock, the possibilities of strong industrial fabrics and the tactile elegance of high fashion. Tepee is a design that works with the natural behaviour of fabric, rather than against it. Solid oak frame with a black or white cotton/canvas sling. Made in Norfolk, England. Armchair W 90 × H 77 × D 66 X SH 45 cm. From £1875 Ottoman W 75 × H 45 × D 65 × SH 45 cm. From £1031 2 seat sofa W 160 × H 77 × D 66 × SH 45 cm. From £2560 3 seat sofa W 237 × H 77 × D 66 × SH 45 cm. From £3510

Linear Terence Woodgate Originally sculpted in clay, the design was then scanned back into a computer to be refined, using the process of reverse engineering to complete it. The result is an assured design that seamlessly blends the arm, back and seat together to create one elegant form. Textured silver powder coated steel legs. 3 seat sofa W 210 × H 62 × D 85 × SH 38 cm. From £2725 4 seat sofa W 263 × H 62 × D 85 × SH 38 cm. From £3360

Orlando Reiko Kaneko A lounge chair that has a steel frame, walnut arm rests, an upholstered back rest and a feather seat cushion on an upholstered pad. The design sits low to the floor, with a small footprint, yet has noticeably generous proportions. The frame is made from both tubular and solid steel and has a gentle curving detail between the back and arm rests. A small amount of flex in the back of the frame adds to comfort. Various upholstery and powder coat finishes available. Made in Norfolk, England. Lounge chair: W 70 x h 85 x D 75. Price on request

Frank, Ernest, Henry Donna Wilson A playful response to the problem of occasional seating, Donna Wilson’s pouffes in new knitted Stitch fabrics come in three shapes. The knitted pattern, a new signature for the designer, is reminiscent of traditional Swedish folk designs, in a natural muted colour palette of grey, blue and rust.’ Soft and shapely the pouffe collection is also available in Nos Da, Field Day, Zig Zag, Braid fabric. Made in England. Frank pouffe Dia 80 x H 40 cm. £470 Ernest pouffe Dia 60 x H 30 cm. £380 Henry pouffe Dia 45 x H 45 cm. £245

Trieste Matthew Hilton A free standing library shelving unit of good style and line. Made from solid oak or walnut, it is available in three sizes that can be used in combination. It works equally well as a room divider or against a wall. Trieste is a design of real refinement that balances hard angles with soft curves. It has a faceted wooden frame, inlaid shelves and felt feet to protect floor. Available in oak or walnut. Made in Europe. Side: W 36 x H 60 x D 36. From £535 Medium: W 100 x H 100 x D 36. From £1,400 Tall: W 100 x H 178 x D 36. From £1,980

Auberon Matthew Hilton An elegant dining table that has a top with fold-down flaps on either side. Originally designed in 1991, this design takes inspiration from Shaker furniture. The tabletop has boat-like curves on either side, while each leg slightly splays outwards. A certain slimness, fine details and highquality wood workmanship give Auberon a strong visual stature. It is available in walnut or oak. W 190 x H 75 x D 96. From £3,880

Crosscut Faudet-Harrison An ingeniously minimal design, constructed from laser-cut rectangular steel uprights and solid oak oil finished shelves. The uprights and shelves come in two heights and widths respectively. The wooden shelves sit neatly into the cross cuts in the steel, creating a design that sits flush on the wall. It is assembled with bolts and attaches to the wall with screws. A refined and cleverly conceived design, this is an unobtrusive piece for domestic and commercial settings. White or dark grey powder coated fine textured finish. Adjustable stainless steel feet. Made in Europe. Overall dimension W 157 × H 205 × D 27cm Tall upright: W 3 × H 205 × D 8cm. Pair from £330 Small upright: W 3 × H 83 × D 8cm. Pair from £225 Small shelf: W 100 × H 2 × D 27cm. Pair from £210 Large shelf: W 157 × H 2 × D 27cm. Pair from: £285

Unison Terence Woodgate The Unison low table by Terence Woodgate is an update of the classic Sax table. This design blends materials, it features two shelves, the lower one in veneered ash or walnut with solid ash or walnut lipping and the upper one in 12mm toughened glass. The construction of the table is remarkably simple, the solid wooden legs are screwed together through the lower shelf and the glass shelf is placed on top. The top is held firm by rubber pads at the top of the legs. This design has all the hallmarks of Terence Woodgate, balance, proportion and effortless elegance. Available in rectangular or square versions. Made in the EU. Coffee table: W 120 x H 60. Price on request Round sidetable from £500.

Side Jasper Morrison Originally designed in 1986 and re-issued in 2014, the side table was Jasper Morrison’s first product to go into production. It is an exercise in refinement, made from formed steel and glass, with brazed brass joints. The simple form, along with the subtle combinations of material and finish give this design a sense of purity and grace. Powder coated frame in textured black or silver. Sandblasted or low-iron glass. One-tier table Dia 44 × H 46cm. £380 Two-tier table Dia 44 × H 65cm. £550

Galvanized Peter Marigold A collection of designs made from laser-cut hot dip galvanised steel, available as a low table and as a long or tall free standing unit. Large, at an industrial kind of scale, they are constructed with oversized nuts and bolts. Each shelf has been hand finished, utilising hydrochloric acid to strip back some of the zinc, creating a mottled finish, almost like camouflage. Despite their scale and apparent roughness, they have soft rounded edges and are reassuringly sturdy. Made in Yorkshire, England. Hand finish applied by designer. Long shelves: W 180 x H 60 x D x 30. £2,645 Tall shelves: W 63 x H 30 x D x 150. £2,645 Side table shelves: W 500 H 476 D 300. £2,647 Coffee table shelves: W 82.5 H 35 D 82.4. £2,648

Kvara Oscar Coakley Kvara is a heavy-duty side table made from mild steel. The table, in the form of a letter Z, is raw, heavy and unyielding. Heat treated to create the form, the design has a natural finish with noticeable temper marks. The underside has felt feet to protect floors. Made in London, England W 45 × H 50 × D 30cm. £565

Mono Konstantin Grcic A set of side tables with a strong graphic look and relaxed sense of function. The Mono tables are made from lasercut, CNC pressed steel. The tops come in four shapes and are welded to the stem, which is in turn bolted to the circular steel base. They are powder-coated in a grey fine textured finish. The bases have die-cut circular cork pads to protect floors and surfaces. A W 31 × H 66 × D 30cm. £260 B W 34 × H 66 × D 30cm. £260 C W 30 × H 70 × D 30cm. £260 D W 38 × H 66 × D 30cm. £260

Tam Tam & Tom Tom Konstantin Grcic Originally designed for SCP in 1992, the Tom Tom and Tam Tam tables were re-issued in 2009. This classic pair of adjustable tables are both pragmatic in their design and visually fluent. A sensitive application of colour and an eloquent use of the square and the circle in the design evokes the spirit of the Bauhaus. Mild steel base with a chocolate brown powder-coated finish, solid beech columns with an oiled finish and an MDF top in purple or green lacquer. Tam Tam side table W 44 × H 47.5/74 × D 44cm. £295 Tom Tom side table Dia 45 × H47.5/74cm. £295

Ulrik Alex Hellum A stool with beautifully executed joinery details that allows the seat to be constructed from two separate parts. Full of personality and poise, the design is comfortable and playful, with a wit all of its own. It has a solid ash seat and turned ash legs with a natural oil finish. Made in Europe. Stool Dia 35 × H 43cm. £110 Bar stool Dia 35 × H 70cm. £205

Slatted Jasper Morrison A precise high stool design that uses materials sparingly and is light in both weight and appearance. The frame is brazed constructed from 12.7 mm CNC bent tubular steel and 5 mm thick rolled steel slats. The Slatted stool is a beautifully balanced piece, with an elemental touch about it. Black or silver finish powder coated textured finish. W 48 × H 70 × D 29cm. £305

Italy Michael Marriott A marble topped side table with a checker plate steel base and a central table stem. Made with Italian Carrara marble. The top has slightly chamfered edges, softening the look and feel of the design. Made in London. Pink or grey powder coated finish. W 60 × H 35 × D 40cm. £465

Nami Reiko Kaneko A fine bone china pendant light, available in one size, designed and hand made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The form of the pendant is reminiscent of a bell, but with less of a flare at the bottom. It has a real softness of look and shines translucent when the bulb is on, while the fine bone china looks equally as beautiful when the light is off. It has a simple orange or green braided textile cable and uses the latest E27 7W or 14W low energy bulbs. Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England Pendant W 15 × H 15 cm White glaze: £125 Green glaze: £165

Chika Reiko Kaneko An elegant and refined collection of four different handthrown vessels in terracotta. They all vary in height, diameter, thickness and in throwing details. Terracotta is an ancient natural material that derives its rich orange red colour from the high iron content of the clay. Each Chika vessel is finished with a mossy slate satin matt glaze. Hand made in Suffolk, England. Vessel 1 W 11 × D 11 × H 44cm Vessel 2 Dia 11 × H 31cm Vessel 3 Dia 15 × H 24cm Vessel 4 Dia 15 × H 15cm

Bear Donna Wilson An earthenware bear figurine with a brown glaze based on a Donna Wilson illustration, which has an odd otherness all its own. Hand-painted and glazed in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Figurine: W 19 × H 12.5cm. £380

Metalware Matthew Hilton A collection of sculptural metalware pieces by Matthew Hilton featuring two bowls. The round bowl has a textured finish and the oval bowl looks more like the surface of a stone. All the pieces are sand-cast by hand, either in aluminium or bronze. Made in Woolwich, England. Aluminium and bronze round bowl: Dia 54cm. £645

Tabi textile collection Hannah Waldron Artist and designer Hannah Waldron has collaborated with SCP to develop a new textile collection that utilises the time-honoured double cloth weaving technique. Architectural elements, stacks of shape, repeating vertical lines and a rich colour palette elevate this design from the constrictions of the technique itself. The design was inspired by a journey through Japan and the indigo hues that traditional farmers garments are dyed to repel insects. Available as fabric, throws and cushions. Spun, dyed and woven in the UK. Throw: H 1.59 x W 1.82. £240 Cushions: H 45 x W 45. £70

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