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All about Architectural Glass

Architectural glass has several advantages as a transparent glazing material in external building walls. It is also widely utilized to create internal partitions in homes and offices. Primarily being a transparent material, glass lends an elegant and sophisticated visual appeal to a building. Allowing the light to penetrate, it transforms buildings into vibrant and green spaces. Exceptional versatility is another remarkable feature of architectural glass. It also creates a positive ambiance to make the building inhabitants feel inspired. 

Several processes are employed to secure and harden glass and thereby, enhance the reliability of glass as a building material. The modern architectural glass wall is strong, durable, safe, and capable of lasting many years. The evolution of glass from a brittle material to a sturdy structural material has opened amazing possibilities for designers, architects, and contractors. When it comes to affordability, glass products are unbeatable, compared to other types of building materials.

Different glass patterns and colors present tremendous creative possibilities for designers and architects. For interior purposes, hardened and laminated glasses are available. They are extremely sturdy and provide optimal safety, apart from making a home interior elegant, unique and stylish. Transparent decorative glass wall partitions not only save space but also make it bright and inviting with proper infiltration of light.

For exterior purposes, glass has become a very popular option as well. Apart from providing enhanced aesthetic appeal, it reduces the weight on the foundation. Specially designed solar control glass lowers energy consumption admirably. There are also uniquely designed insulating glass options available that control heat and sound effectively.

Several more aspects make architectural glass an effective choice. Notable contributing factors include minimal maintenance, unique ability to blend exteriors with interiors, excellent abrasion resistance, UV stability and 100% recyclability. Today, things have gone to such an extent that many designers and architects are exploring the possibilities of constructing structures that are 80% glass-made.

Manufacturer Spotlight : AGC

AGC Glass Europe is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing architectural glass for the construction industry. This company is committed to offering the most dynamic and efficient architectural responses to the varying needs of different customers. Their glass building solutions ensure excellent light transmission, fine acoustic or thermal insulation, aesthetic appeal, efficient solar control, maximum security and optimal energy generation.

AGC safety glass solutions protect the building inhabitants against fire to ensure safety. Transparent and clear glass products with subtle tints personalize the interior space in a beautiful way. The innovative approach of the company takes their glass panel solutions to a different level.

At AGC, every product has been designed with a purpose. The laminated glass, for instance, accommodates LEDs with concealed wiring. Energy generation becomes a reality with Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) glass whilesafety glass fights back against vandalism. The bottom line is that the scope and versatility of glass can be best experienced with AGC Glass Europe.

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