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Bath screens (25)

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All About Bath Screens

Bath screens are basically glass bath shower screens that can be fixed to the wall and over the bath or shower area. It is either made of thick glass or rubber material that does not allow water to come out of the bathing space. In a way it can be said that it is very useful in keeping the area outside the bath dry. Bath screens should be used in all modern bathrooms, especially smaller ones where chances of water spilling outside the bathing area is common problem. These screens are easy to fix and maintain thus making them the best choice for partitioning off the wet and dry area of the bathrooms.

In a big family, in the morning busy hours when everyone day starts with the bathroom it is very difficult for others to use the bathroom. Fixing a bath screen can solve this problem. It can be fixed in a comparatively small and compact space as it consumes little space and provides efficient user experience.

There are wide varieties of bath screens available such as framed, frameless, sliding door shower screens, single screen, double screen, foldaway screen etc. The most common type of bath screen is a pivot door shower screen where all its screens are fully fixed except the door on pivot, which is used for opening and closing. Custom designed screens are also available that have motifs and designs based on a client’s wishes.

Proper maintenance is required to ensure the durability of the bath screens. Screens should never be cleaned using strong solvents like abrasives, acids bleach or harsh detergents. All the surfaces should be properly rinsed and cleaned using soft cloth or sponge. Use of a ventilated bathroom is much recommended. This provides good aeration and helps in keeping stenches at bay in the shower area.

Before buying a bath shower screen the consumer should keep in mind that the glass of the screen should be thick and of good quality. Good materials provide better durability and efficiency and best user experience. Overall it adds style to a modern compact bathroom. Bathrooms need sturdy fittings and fragile glasses have risk of breaking.

People have become more aware and conscious of health related issues. May it be nuclear family or a big joint family everyone’s main priority during morning hours is bathroom. Bath screens can make even compact and small bathrooms look good and also be helpful in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, keeping the bathroom dry, clean and organised.