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A thoughtful addition of a bathroom cabinet is an effective and affordable way of improving the looks and functionality of a bathroom. There are several different types of bathroom cabinets available today including stock and custom built versions. When it comes to bathroom cabinet requirements, there is a solution for every type of need.

One of the most essential purposes of adding bathroom cabinets is effective utilization of space. Small bathrooms often look congested and chaotic due to errant spare toilet paper rolls, disorganized towels, awkwardly placed hair dryers and several other disorderly placed accessories. With the addition of a few well-placed cabinets, bathroom looks neat, pretty and organized.

Bathroom cabinets also transform a mediocre space into something inspiring and inviting. The sky is the only limit when it comes to using cabinets for enhancing the looks of a bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are available in different styles to achieve different types of needs and performance criteria. Some of the most popular styles include flat, distressed, beadborad, louvered, inset, and thermofoil. 

In addition to different styles, bathroom cabinets feature numerous finishing options that can be chosen. Paint finish is a popular option that provides an opaque-colored look. Offering rich color and dimension, a stain finish enhances the natural beauty of materials like wood. Other popular finish options are glazed, varnish and water-based UV.

Wood is a very common material used to make bathroom cabinets. Highly durable, it is fully biodegradable and completely renewable as a material. There is a wide range of wood choices available including hard maple, red oak, birch, white oak, cherry, pine, ash and hickory. A key aspect of these bathroom cabinets is that they can be stained to add depth and dimension or modify color based on different tastes and preferences. Scratches on wood can be easily repaired as well.

Metal is another popular material used to make bathroom cabinets. Other choices include acrylic glass, composite, glass, stone, synthetic, laminate and thermofoil. Installation of cabinets in a commercial or residential bathroom can be done in different ways. Major installation options are wall-mounted, floor-mounted and suspended bathroom cabinets.

Renowned manufacturers offer several types of innovative bathroom cabinet solutions such as patterned glass cabinets, mirrored or etched bathroom cabinets, stenciled cabinets and tiled mosaic bathroom cabinets as well. Aesthetically versatile, pattered glass cabinets compliment traditional as well as transitional design concepts and can be an ideal addition for eclectic, shabby chic, cottage and farmhouse style bathroom design concepts.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets blend in perfectly with any type of bathroom décor including modern and contemporary. Offering uniqueness, visual appeal and full of personality, stenciled cabinets lend a striking visual boost to any type of bathroom. Tiled mosaic bathroom cabinets are a wonderful addition to make eclectic or Mediterranean-themed bathrooms really colorful.


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