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Continuous rooflights (67)

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All about Continuous rooflights

Large scale building interiors like halls, factory spaces, industrial complexes, and warehouses require an extensive amount of illumination. Installing artificial lighting can prove to be an expensive proposition though given the high number of lighting units that would be required for such large areas - and the possibly also the exorbitant cost of electricity. A more economical solution would be to use continuous rooflights to bring natural light into these vast spaces.

Unlike individual rooflights, which would have to be installed in great numbers in a flat roof or a pitched roof to be effective, thus adding to the overall budget, continuous rooflights can guarantee an all-encompassing flood of natural light into any given area. Along with cutting down electricity bills, this can help create a healthier and happier environment for the people using these spaces; numerous studies have shown that natural light promotes psychological and physical well-being, and is therefore a better long-term choice for interiors than artificial light.

Continuous rooflights can be installed in a flat roof as well as in a pitched roof, and come in the following main designs - barrel vault continuous rooflights, flat tandem continuous rooflights, linked pyramid continuous rooflights, and linked dome continuous rooflights. According to the industry standard for these roof lights, they must have an aluminium framework and glazing that is made of toughened glass, glass reinforced polyester, or polycarbonate. The glazing should offer UV-protection, provide sound insulation, and be strong enough to withstand rainfall, snowfall, and high winds. The glazing can also be stepped on, making it convenient and safe for people to stand on when they need to carry out maintenance tasks.

A water drainage system is fitted into the continuous rooflights to prevent water accumulation and possible leakage onto the pitched roof or flat roof, and buyers can choose between several ventilation options. The commonly used ones for fresh air circulation are permanent and controllable vented airways; the first allows a constant trickle of air into the interior, while, with the latter, it is possible to control the airflow as required. Other ventilation options are controllable rotating ventilation, hinged spindle openings, and extractor fans.

Spotlight Brand: Glazing Vision

Glazing Vision seek to "maximise daylight" with their elegant rooflight designs. They have several continuous rooflight products on offer, including sliding rooflights, hinged rooflights, fixed rooflights, walk-on rooflights, eaves rooflights, pyramid rooflights, box rooflights, smoke ventilation rooflights, and bespoke rooflights. In addition to their standard products, they build customized rooflight units to fit innovative architectural specifications.

With offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, Glazing Vision have undertaken rooflight design and installation projects in Europe, the United States, and other parts of the globe. They work with architects, structural engineers, designers, and homeowners to transform and renovate modern as well as historic buildings with rooflights that will enhance interior spaces with natural light and fresh air.

The best Continuous Rooflights on Archello

Our product selector can help you find an innovative range of continuous rooflights suitable for both a pitched roof and a flat roof building project. We can also offer assistance with installing standard and bespoke continuous rooflights, so please do get in touch and let us know about your rooflight requirements.