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All About Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree that is processed, grounded into sheets and baked to make tiles that serve as flooring for offices, commercial locations and residences. Cork flooring is also known as a green flooring option and makes a good choice for play or commercial areas. Cork flooring is eco-friendly but the installation cost is bit expensive. These type of floors are naturally fire resistant and don't release any toxic gas or chemicals when burnt. Homeowners prefer this type of flooring because of its unique structure as it regains its original shape after squeezing and gives the cushioning effect to a floor.  

Nowadays, green or eco-friendly cork flooring is commonly used because of its durability, beauty, "green" qualities and other unique features. Apart from surface flooring, it can also be used as an underneath floor for hardwood, laminate and ceramic tiles to decrease noise in a room. These floors can be best used in smaller areas such as a kitchens, dining rooms or any flooring application. It is ideal for playing arenas or commercial areas where there is a need for comfortable walking. Thus, cork flooring has many benefits and is gaining popularity almost everywhere speedily.

Cork flooring is available in a wide range of styles, different design patterns, colors and shapes. Usually it comes in two types of finishes: polyurethane/acrylic-based and water-based. The former is a bit tougher and protects the flooring while the latter is more environmentally friendly. This type of flooring is an ideal surface as it is antimicrobial and not affected by mold.

Like all floors, cork flooring also needs regular cleaning and sealing. Cork flooring can be cleaned with a damp soft mop. Avoid harsh cleaning agents and try to clear the strains quickly. Spills can be mopped up using a sponge or paper towel. Spills can be absorbed with a sponge or paper towel to avoid the possibility of permanent stains. However, the best part is that the cork floors are fire resistant and never release any toxic fumes or chemicals. The cells inside the cork trap the heat and act as an insulator for the floors.

Cork floor tiles are available in variety of styles from traditional to modern. They can be installed in a basement, office, living room, bedroom etc. Needless to say, cork flooring has become a top choice in the flooring industry. It gives an elegant, natural appearance, is comfortable to walk on and naturally resists allergens. 


Eco-friendly cork flooring is a top choice for many consumers. This shock absorbing cork flooring comes in variety of colors and tile shapes and patterns. The cellular structure makes it comfortable and reduces noise as well. Unlike tile, wood or vinyl, cork flooring is biodegradable and environment friendly also. The soft surface of a cork floor can act as a cushion that provides protection from falls. Thus, renewable cork flooring is a great choice for areas that require safety for a comfortable walking surface.