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All About Garden Armchairs


An outdoor armchair or garden armchair gives comfort when one wants to enjoy the outdoors. A comfortable armchair is all one needs after a hectic day at work. These are one of the most important parts of the outdoor designed environment - whether it is a garden, patio, balcony or terrace. Choose easy-going armchairs, with removable covers or upholstered cushions or a rocking armchair with a deep seat. If the outdoor space is large, one can also opt for a combination with other pieces of furniture.

Garden armchairs are a must for every outdoor space. They are great option when outdoor living is desired, whether one wants to soak in sun or soothe and relax. While during the day one can bask in the sun in these armchairs, at night they are suitable for enjoying a barbecue party at home. Additionally, a considerable amount of space can be saved by placing these armchairs in the outdoors. Modern materials make these garden chairs resilient towards harsh weather conditions, rot and insects. When accessorized with contrast center table and matching outdoor curtains, they are undoubtedly the perfect piece of furniture to enhance outdoor aesthetics.

There is a wealth of best-value garden armchairs available, which not only offer durability and flexibility, but are also associated with elegance and sophistication. The wide range of armchairs include wood, metal, cast aluminium, wicker and plastic. These come with seat cushions included or one can buy them separately. Additionally, garden armchairs come in a variety of styles like folding or fixed position chairs or loungers. Stackable and light weight armchairs are easy to store and perfect for impromptu arrangement. Providing the best option which suits consumer’s personal specifications and requirements is a trademark of leading companies dealing in garden armchairs.

Garden armchairs, being outdoor furniture, are exposed to intense and varied weather conditions and therefore require maintenance and protection, in order maintain their appearance. Daily maintenance includes dusting and cleaning. Wooden armchairs can further be oiled to make then resistant to water, dirt and stains. Metal furniture is exceptionally resilient but may lose its luster due to exposure to sun and rain. Regular dusting can keep these looking new. Wicker armchairs can be washed with soap and warm water. It is recommended to keep armchairs under cover during winters and monsoons.

Make your home feel a bit bigger just by opening the door. Whether you want to dine on your balcony, relax in your garden or spend time together on your patio, garden armchairs are the perfect exterior additions. So it’s time to sit back and enjoy the sunshine.


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