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Garden poufs

Find products and manufacturers of garden poufs. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on availability, material, use, style, characteristics and brands.

All About Garden Poufs

Garden poufs are large solid cushions which can be of any shape  - like square, cylindrical or cubic. These cushions do not have any back or sides and are used for sitting and relaxing. Adding garden poufs to an outdoor space helps in adding color as well as comfortable seating space. Among all the different types of outdoor furniture, this particular one is always made and covered using durable materials. Garden poufs are typically upholstered with fabrics and also have cushions for increasing the level of comfort.

Garden poufs fulfill important purposes and have become quite popular because of their utility. They are mostly used for comfortable seating or simply putting one’s feet up when a person is tired and just wants to relax. The overall look of an outdoor space can be improved by placing the right type of pouf. When a person wants to host a small party, then poufs serve as a convenient seating option for guests. When placing poufs, it is not required to remove any of the existing furniture, one just needs to pick the matching pouf. Poufs can also be used as an alternative to the sofa. Without occupying much space garden poufs provide comfortable seating. Garden poufs are typically water resistant and made up of materials which are resistant to UV rays and therefore can be placed in even areas with considerable sun exposure.

Garden poufs are available in a variety of upholstery materials, designs, shapes, colors and styles. Popular upholstery materials available for a garden pouf are polyester, wool, cotton, fur, microfiber, canvas, denim, silk, and sunbrella. With each of the materials, one can get a different feel. For a soft and comfortable feel, fur and velvet can be the best choice. Garden poufs are available in different styles such as modern, contemporary, classic and industrial. Also garden poufs come in various designs.

With garden poufs, little maintenance is required. One can use vacuum cleaner for cleaning the underside. The cleaning method entirely depends upon the material of the garden poufs, one can refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to know the best cleaning mechanism. Regular cleaning of garden poufs is required to get rid of dirt and dust. Any kind of spill should be immediately treated as it becomes difficult to remove it afterwards. 

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