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All About Garden Stools


Outdoor stools or garden stools are a multipurpose type of furniture, which can either be used as a seat without armrest or as a small table. These are one of the most important parts of any outdoor furniture set whether it is for garden, patio, balcony or terrace. Modern garden stools are made of a strong composite or other durable material and can be opted as a show piece in a living room or bedroom.

Garden stools are great accent for every outdoor. They are a great option when outdoor accommodation is considered. These stools are small enough to not get in way, yet big enough to hold piles of multiple things. The modern version of portable stools come in bright colors and are used as pretty end tables to place a book or a beverage. These stools can also be lit with electric candles or battery-operated lights to illuminate dark spots in a garden when the sun goes down.

There are plethora of options available for garden stools, which not only offer durability and flexibility, but are also associated with class and elegance. The broad range of stool materials available include wood, metal, ceramic, cast aluminium, wicker and plastic. There is an abundance of shapes and designs, from drum shaped ceramic stools to reclaimed teak, and from polyethylene resin with faceted finish to hard plastic with an intrinsic woven design to give a dramatic touch. Most garden stools are stackable and lightweight, hence making it easy for an impromptu arrangement.

Wondering how to protect your garden stools over time? The care depends on the material of the furniture and on the climate one lives in. Metal or steel garden stools can be simply dusted and wiped down with warm soapy water. Aluminium stools are best kept inside during winter and monsoon seasons. Wooden garden stools, whether teak or Mahogany, age with time. Look out for any potential cracks and color change. Painting wooden stools with teak oil or wood paint will add a new lease of life. Synthetic cane or woven stools require less maintenance and are manufactured to withstand outdoor elements. 

Make the most of your garden space, whether acres of green or a cozy roof terrace. With outdoor garden stools you can transform an area. Pair these with your favorite set of chairs or sofa to invite family and friends.


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