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Indoor swimming pools (7)

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All about Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor swimming pools are no longer a luxury that only rich and famous people can afford. The concept of the indoor swimming pool has undergone tremendous transformation nowadays. Sophisticated technology and innovative thinking have made pool installation easy and affordable. Indoor swimming pools can be installed in a sunroom, garage, basement or any other indoor space.

Indoor swimming pools can be found in residential as well as commercial spaces today. Modern pool concepts focus on creating a harmonious blend of visual appeal and functionality. It is needless to say that the functional advantages of swimming pools have increased manifold. There are many design options available to fulfill the varying requirements of different homes and commercial spaces.

There are several different types of indoor swimming pool. The classification is often done on the basis of the construction material. Among the most common types of indoor swimming pool are fiberglass pools. Available in a ready-made format, these pools can be installed easily and quickly. Offering a smooth and slick interior surface, fiberglass is highly resistant to algae and is reasonably affordable. The maintenance costs of fiberglass indoor swimming pools are very low as well.

Another popular type of indoor swimming pool is a vinyl linear pool. Prefabricated supporting panels or walls that are made using metal or plastic are joined to the frame to create a pool shell that is lined with vinyl. Different varieties of vinyl linear pools can be found including steel wall, cement wall and polymer/composite wall. Any shape or style can be achieved with these types of indoor swimming pools.  

Many people also prefer concrete indoor swimming pools nowadays. Highly flexible, these types of indoor pools have no specific limitations. As an interior finish, colored plaster or white plaster is often used for concrete swimming pools. Other finish options available are smooth glass bead, quartz and pebble. Being a versatile option, modern concrete swimming pool design concepts incorporate ideas like negative edges, built-in bars, benches and premier overflows to make a pool unique and innovative.

Offering a wide variety of benefits, an indoor swimming pool is a welcome addition to a residential or commercial building. A swimming pool is an ideal place to have some fun and relaxation for occupants. Another key aspect is that swimming is one of the most effective workouts for human body. Accessible all year round, indoor swimming pools provide a perfect combination of health and relaxation.

Equipped with automatic pool covers and heating systems, indoor swimming pools allow easy temperature control, depending on the ambient temperature and user preferences. Privacy is another aspect that can be linked with indoor pools. Indoor swimming pools do not require weather proofing activities like outdoor swimming pools that keep the effort and time required for maintenance at minimal levels.      


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