Manufacturers from Bafflesstrasse 37B, 9450 Altstätten, Switzerland
Dade-design makes your concrete dreams come true. Kitchens, Bathrooms and concrete Interior Design are - what we love to realize individual with our partners - Designers, Architects...... is a leader in the production of concrete kitchens and concrete kitchen countertops. We will convince you for concrete kitchens through three arguments: The quality of Swiss craftsmanship, Surface coatings and the trust of numerous retailers.
Concrete Kitchen
Every week, new concrete countertops leave our plant in Altstätten in Switzerland. They decorate kitchens of all top brand names and lend them a distinct character.
Let us correct some of the popular misconceptions about concrete as a kitchen material with sober facts:

The Dade surface coating will protect your countertop from the effects of moisture and acids for up to 12 hours (which means that a glass of red wine is not a problem).
Our countertops weigh less than granite or marble.
We start with countertops that are 2 cm thick and manufacture them in lengths up to 5.20 meters long without seams, with inset concrete sinks and with ceramic stoves mounted flush with the countertop.

You can best experience the incomparable look-and-feel and the honest first impression of concrete live at one of our selected retailers and marketing partners.

Unique Impressions in Concrete
Dade-design is the leading Swiss manufacturer of designs in concrete and a pioneer in the development of new high-end applications for concrete – concrete works