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All about Metal Joints

Architectural metal joints have several advantages when used as a connecting solution to join two different surfaces. Highly versatile, joints are extremely easy to install and affordable as well. Architectural joints are available in different styles and formats including landscape, parking, column, wall and floor joints.

Equipped with an exclusive anchoring system, joints are unobtrusive in nature. The process of installing joints does not involve extreme complexity.

The product variety of joints available is inspiring. Among the most common types of joints are multiple-profile systems. These products are designed especially for pedestrian areas and come with adequate flexibility and ability to move in any direction.

Modern expansion joints for pedestrian come with cover plates and are made using metals like stainless steel or aluminum. In addition to accommodating seismic and thermal movements, metal joints can effectively enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building structure. 

Barrier-free movement metal profiles that can be used to join two different types of flooring flush to a surface. These types of products are uniquely designed for installation in fully glued textile or elastic flooring. A stable solution can be achieved with these profiles, along with added security and accessibility wherever tripping hazards need to be avoided.

Metal joints are one of the most flexible, versatile and efficient  connecting solutions available today. Another popular type of metal joint is the sleek, clevis type pin connector developed for joining two hollow structural section elements that in architecturally exposed structural steel applications. The sculpting process is performed carefully to offer a seamless transitional geometry for this type of connector.

In order to meet the needs of building and bridge structures, various custom cast steel connectors are available today. Different types of standard profiles can also be found and they are designed to cover over a partition or a joint gap. For meeting unique specifications and project needs, customized profiles are also used and promoted within the construction industry.  

An emerging type of metal joint is the one that can be used in vertical wall installations. This type of joint can also be utilized behind any other joint cover, filler or plate where sufficient joint depth is available. With a coating on both sides, it enhances aesthetic appeal and also adds versatility. In addition to offering curb appeal, this metal joint also offers energy efficiency and fire protection properties. Acoustic qualities are another important benefit of a vertical wall metal joints. A dynamic water-proof sealant system can also be linked with this type of product.  

Pre-compressed and self expanding foam joint sealant is extensively used in applications such as airport runways, bridges and roads. These types of products come with a highway grade silicone coating that works as a primary seal to deliver added protection. The snow and water resistant properties of these metal joints make them one of the most sought-after metal joints available nowadays.


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