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Painting is one of the most affordable ways of enhancing the aesthetic and functional advantages of a building. Applying a new coat of interior or exterior paint makes a big difference in terms of look and visual appeal. In addition to being an easy home improvement project, paint adds value to investment. Advanced options like spray paint make application easier and faster as well.


Exterior surfaces are frequently exposed to harsh and inclement weather conditions. Paint is highly favored as a protective solution for exterior walls because of its excellent weather resistant features. An exterior paint job safeguards building materials and saves inhabitants from costly repairs down the road. Insect infestations can also be prevented with the right application of paint.


Interior paints offer better aesthetics, and fresher, cleaner interiors with the right color combination. Further to this, the right paint job can easily make small spaces look bigger and visually appealing. The right color scheme creates an entirely new feel within an interior space by providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is also hard to find a more affordable way to cover up permanent marks and stains. Since spray paint can be applied effortlessly, it is the most preferred option nowadays.   


Paints are available in a wide range of designs, colors, characteristics and finishes. Painting products fall into two overarching categories based on their makeup. These categories are known as oil-based and water-based. Different agents bind these paints to the surface they cover to create unique characteristics.


Oil-based paints, also known as solvent-based paints, are highly favored for their inimitable and durable space coverage. Highly affordable, they are extremely resilient and can stand up to extended abuse without wear and tear.


A number of upsides can be associated with water-based paints, more popularly known as latex paints. Latex paints cleanup easily, offer less toxic odor and dry faster than many other types of paint. In addition to offering excellent performance, flexibility and environment friendliness, water-based paints can prevent mildew and moisture efficiently.


Sheen is an important aspect when it comes to choosing the right paint. Sheen refers to the amount of shininess found on the dried paint surface. Interior or exterior paints come with four different sheens; flat, satin or eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss.


Flat spray paint comes with the least amount of sheen, but it covers imperfections effectively with minimal glare. With slightly better sheen compared to flat paint, eggshell paint hides permanent marks, stains and other imperfections with better efficiency. Satin sheen is fairly identical to eggshell, but it stands out in terms of glossiness.


Being highly moisture-resistant, semi-gloss paints are extensively used in laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Gloss paint is a highly washable anda tough option with increased light reflection features. It is a very good choice for painting cabinets, doors and trims.


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