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All About Paving Blocks


Paving blocks are used as a decorative method for the creation of a paved surface. With paving blocks it is possible to use a variety of different types of laying patterns. Block paving is typically made up of clay bricks or concrete blocks. Different material types of paving blocks have their own means of construction. A number of tones, styles, and shapes are available with paving blocks.

For driveways, paving blocks are considered to be a very attractive choice. These are manufactured and are not directly cut from natural stone. Because of this, the block sizes are very precise and uniform. With paving blocks, if any one block gets damaged or stained then it can be easily replaced without disturbing the arrangement of the other blocks. There are many design possibilities with paving blocks as a wide range of style and color options are available to select from. One of the best advantages offered by paving blocks is that it requires incredibly low maintenance. Furthermore, they are very environment-friendly and help in preventing water from gathering on the surface. Paving blocks are very durable and can serve for many years.

Two popular paving blocks types are concrete and clay. Concrete paving blocks are manufactured en masse and are available in standard sizes. These can support substantial loads and are best suited for heavy duty application. Clay paving blocks usually come in a rectangular shape, however, custom shapes are also available. These paving blocks have their own natural color and no coloring dyes are used. It is very comfortable to walk on this type of surface. Some other material choices available with paving blocks are cobblestone, rubber, blue stone, flagstone. For the area which is exposed to direct sunlight, flagstone is a convenient choice as it does not absorb heat. To get a heritage feel, cobblestone can be selected.

Paving blocks can easily be kept clean and well maintained. Using simple and regular cleaning methods, dust particles can be removed from the surface. Mild cleaning agents can be used to scrub away stains. For cleaning stains, it is advisable to use a wire brush and completely wash away the cleaning agent after cleaning the stain. With designer paving blocks it is advisable to seal the pavers regularly. This will prevent any kind of stain from settling permanently. Once a year, it I necessary to inspect for cracks and replace any damaged blocks.

Paving blocks enhance the visual appeal of spaces where they are used. Be it simple, traditional or modern design, paving blocks have something to offer that will complement any type of setting.


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