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Partitions (297)

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All about Partitions


Partitions have several benefits when used as non-load bearing walls to divide interior spaces. In addition to being a design component, partitions offer many functional advantages.


Dividing a large space becomes easy and affordable with the use of partition walls. Moreover, partition walls lend privacy to occupants from sound. Compared to load-bearing walls, partitions are more cost-efficient. The lightweight properties of partition walls are another advantage, along with ease of construction.


There are several different types of partitions. Some of the most favored partition types include automatic, adjustable, illuminated, decorative, transparent, translucent and custom. A variety of materials are used to make these walls including glass, metal, plastic and wood. Glass and wood are often used in combination to lend visual appeal to interior spaces.


Partition walls don’t have to be designed in great detail because they don’t interfere with the foundation of a building. With proper awareness about space availability, partitions can be constructed as design element. Slim and sleek designs occupy less space compared to bulky partition walls. Another vital aspect is that they can be constructed easily at any desirable location.


Space aesthetics can be best enhanced with the right selection of partition products. Available in different designs, colors, materials, configurations, characteristics and finishes; partitions can be desirable design elements, especially when a sophisticated and refined look is desired.


Having the right coherence with the type of building structure, modern partitions are simple in design and easy and affordable in construction. In addition to being versatile and flexible, adequate privacy is provided in terms of sight and sound. These aspects make partitions a feasible and popular option to divide interior spaces.  



Manufacturer Spotlight : NanaWall

NanaWall offers innovative operable glass wall systems that redefine how the elements, people and buildings engage and interact. This manufacturer blends design with precision engineering across a wide range of exclusive systems. The scope and possibilities of design options go beyond the realm of conventional concepts with NanaWall partitions.


NanaWall operable wall products are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, as well as finishes and colors. Each product offers a seamlessly integrated solution with a perfect combination of performance, creativity and flexibility. Design challenges can be solved with NanaWall products that inspire innovative ideas for residential and commercial buildings.


NanaWall closed panel partition systems offer a thermal break for comfort and are highly resistant to adverse environmental conditions. The product range consists of sophisticated folding glass walls, sliding glass walls and frameless glass walls that transcend the concept of conventional glass and hardware. 


The Best Partition Brands on Archello


Are you an interior design professional or a homeowner? Architects, interior design professionals, builders, property developers, homeowners and engineers, who want to install wall partitions can make use of our product selector to identify suitable walls for their requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss customized partition walls that can be designed to your exclusive specifications.