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All About Railings

A railing is a structure constructed along the staircase that can be clasped by hand to provide security and support while ascending or descending. Handrails are either supported by posts or directly mounted to walls, with designated distances as per local building codes. A lesser known fact is that railings have to be designed with specific dimensions for height and strength. There are codes for that diameter of the railings, for examples, so that these are graspable with fingers. Railings have become an essential element of the staircases, providing not only safety but also accentuating the overall décor of a space.

Visualize a world without railings. We can expect a disaster every moment, people falling off from edge of their balconies or decks or staircases. Take a moment and consider the importance of railings for safety. These help people balance on stairs and other platforms, particularly in case of elders and children, differently abled persons and people suffering from vertigo or fear of heights. Railings provide support during severe weather conditions including rain, snow and hail, when surfaces become slippery and unsafe.

Gone are the days however when railings were just considered a base element for safety purpose. In recent time, designers have started showcasing the many options railings have. Various options are available for material used for railings – these include wrought iron, metal, glass, wood and steel. Choose from the plethora of colours and designs that combine well with interior walls and flooring of the stairs. Ensure safety of the railing design by adhering to applicable building codes.

Any exposed surface will get dirty. Regular cleaning of railings is recommended to remove dust, oil and fingerprints from daily traffic. This can be done using mild cleaners or alcohol based products in the case of stubborn stains. Refrain from using chloride cleaners as they may bleach the material. For wooden railings, if cleansed with water, the moisture must be dried up quickly. Outdoor railings require more frequent cleaning than interior ones as they are exposed to more elements. And always check out for any damage of railings at the posts. If found, such damage must be fixed immediately.

An elegant railing can accessorize a beautiful staircase and enhance the overall décor of the interior. Modern or traditional stairways when adorned with a gorgeous railing - be it seamless glass, vibrant or dark stained wood, or an exquisite metal - can bring outstanding sophistication and class to a space.

Spotlight Company – Q-Railing

Founded by Wouter Guliker in 1980, Q-railing creates outstanding railing products. Initially established in Germany, this brand has now spread worldwide with a commitment to provide excellence in design and functionality. For around four decades, Q-railing, with their unparalleled technologies and uncompromising quality, have been an example of perseverance and sustainability. They feature an experienced team following an innovative approach with extensive capabilities to turn customer’s imagination into reality.