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All About Reception Desks

The reception or front office is a particular area where visitors arrive. The receptionist then provides these visitors with the details they require. The receptionist is provided with a desk, which is called a reception desk or front office desk. This desk is very different from the usual office desks that people see. It is large and the length of the desk is very long. Often, the reception has to operate with a standing only desk. This furniture piece will have a flat table where a receptionist can place required equipment including computer, paper, pen stand, files and some other equipment. The reception desk is usually designed in a way to attract visitors.

Reception desks are provided with a pedestal, keyboard tray, mouse pad, power supply board and some other tools. Usually reception desks have two tables. One table is placed at a normal computer desk height and the other table is placed at a distance of three to four feet from the computer desk. In most of the offices there will be a chair present for receptionist behind the reception desk.

Reception desks are very important in every office. As they are present at the entrance of an office, such a desk projects the impression of office. These reception desks have a desk for the computer, pedestal and additional space for other equipment too. This is one of the ergonomic furniture pieces in which office management must invest. In addition to providing an ideal ergonomic environment for employees, the front office is the face of an office and this is the reason why most of the organizations take extensive care in getting the best reception desk.

There are different types of front office desks available in the market. Many front office desks are made of wood but there are some other materials that can be incorporated to enhance the look of the desks. There are some front office desks which are in L-Shaped, while some others are in a curved shape; some offices have the front office desk in a rectangle shape too.

Usually front office desks won’t fall prey to any major repairs. The main thing here is to buy a desk that is made of high quality wood. Buyers should concentrate on both looks and quality of the material. If the desk is made of good material, it will surely last for many years. The desk can be wiped down with a cloth; in fact most of the manufacturers are using the wood that is stain free.

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