Actiu is a company specializes in creating office furniture for workspaces. We think, design, produce and sale the most efficient and comfortable office equipment that you need in for offices and public areas: desks, chairs, filing and storages, screens and other accessories. These products were born from our research on people needs. Our history started as a family company based in Alicante region, La Foia de Castalla. Since then we have turn our roots and the collaboration with the best professionals into our best way of working. Also we have to stress the constant investment in R+D. The result is one of the main Spanish office furniture manufacturers successfully established in more than 65 countries. One of our obsessions has been to find answers to the relations between daily life and technology. We have invested a lot of efforts to provide efficient solutions, studying present and imagining future. During the process we have not have failures, but difficulties to overcome. Because we are people of action, definitely we think passion the best power of business. Our company started in 1968 as furniture accessories manufacturer. In the 70s, we were already very well known with our hi-tech and TV furniture. After 10 years, when there were few people that believed in computers, we were the first to create computer furniture for homes. That was the way to start to manufacture office furniture in the 90s. In that time, materials and production system was the key. It is what has driven us to this new area where innovation will grow together with our Technological Park.
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