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Safe-deposit boxes

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All about Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box is an exclusively secured container to store the precious things like important documents, valuable gemstones, etc.  These safekeeping boxes are available for rent at some banks or financial institutes. Typically they are operated with a key or electronic pin code. Usually, the safe deposit boxes in the bank are operated with two keys w - one is kept with the customer and other is kept with the operator and in order to open the box it is necessary to have both the keys. A personal safe deposit box contains electronic dual or multiple code encryptions at are almost 100% safe.

Safe deposit boxes are built to provide protection against natural disasters like fire or flood. They provide much security from theft as key codes are needed to open the box and it is otherwise difficult to crack a safe deposit box without the permission or authority of the owner. A considerable benefit of having a safe deposit box is that they have 100 % anonymity and can store away all your confidential items without any chances of theft or exposure. 

The huge variety of safety boxes available in the market can be confusing. Though the highest security is provided only by banks for the safe deposit boxes. A large dimension for a safety box is 10 by 10 inches and the smallest dimension of the safe deposit box is 3 by 5 inches. It is important to always opt for quality over quantity (size). Cheaper variants will not have the necessary safety features or robust enough body to withstand breaking. Anti-theft mechanisms on safety deposit boxes include alarms, direct automated call service to the police in case of a break-in, and an auto-collapsible security system when an incorrect pin is entered multiple times etc.

Regular maintenance and servicing are important for the safe deposit boxes. Safe deposit boxes are protected by steel-barred concrete walls. They are also fortified with heath and vibration detectors and are sealed with doors. Fire protection is also essential. Inspection and replacement of locks are needed to be carried on a regular basis. Many safe deposit boxes are now built up with an automated self-service that generates an alarm.  

The best place to store valuables is a safe deposit box. In the banks, safe deposit boxes are kept in a separate room that is again protected with security measures. Similarly, home safety deposit boxes are secured in such a way that they cannot be removed from their location. It is advised that cash, a will of any person or documents that are needed regularly, should not be kept in a safe deposit box. Important deeds, passport, valuable jewellery or stock certificates can be kept in the safe deposit box. 

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