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All about Saunas


A sauna is an excellent addition to a healthy living plan. In addition to offering mental relaxation, saunas also bring health benefits. Many people have installed saunas into their homes to improve overall health and wellness. A sauna refers to a room or space that is heated to a higher level of temperature (between 70° to 100° Celsius or 158° to 212° Fahrenheit) in ordder to promote heavy sweating for experiencing mental relaxation and physical health benefits. 

It is hard to find a more physically invigorating experience than a healthy, deep sweat. The human body responds to gentle and consistent heat positively. Saunas relieve unwanted stress and help muscles unwind, removing undesirable tension. Muscle relaxation creates a soothing effect on human body and eliminates aches/pains in joints and muscles.   

There are several different types of saunas on the market today. The classification is often done on the basis of the heating method employed. The most popular options include electrically heated, wood burning, far infrared and steam saunas. An electrical heat source is one of the most popular options available nowadays for in-home saunas. Offering reduced humidity and high temperature, electrically heated saunas provide physical re-invigoration as well as mental relaxation. Wood burning saunas - also known as traditional saunas - use wood for heating the sauna room.

Using infrared light waves, far infrared saunas create heat in the body of a person without heating the entire room. Temperature stays at lower levels compared to other types of saunas, but the sweating process is performed effectively to release stored toxins. Infrared rays are one of the healthiest sun rays available. Far infrared saunas warm the human body in the same way as natural light. Using higher humidity and low temperatures, steam saunas create moist heat and build humidity in an airtight room. An increased amount of humidity prevents sweat from evaporating and makes the user feel hotter and sweat harder.   

Portable saunas that can be used at anytime and also at anyplace are also available. Being a lightweight option, portable saunas are extremely easy to assemble and can be folded with relative ease. Affordability is an important feature of these types of saunas with excellent ability to offer relaxation and wellbeing for users.

The benefits and advantages of a sauna are well documented. Sitting in a sauna increases the heart rate of a person to cause widening of blood vessels. Eventually, blood circulation improves in a similar way to low-moderate exercise. Offering heartbeats between 100 and 150, saunas enhance cardiovascular health while flushing toxins out of human body.

Other prominent benefits of modern sauna solutions are stress elimination, deep relaxation, body cleansing, deeper sleep, moderate weight loss, effective pain management, better skin health and improved lung health as well. Certainly saunas are one of the most effective and practical solutions available today to achieve excellent physical and mental health benefits.


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